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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 10

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Alphas succession ceremony was not only the most important day in the new Alphas life but also grand in the pack.

All werewolves are required to dress up. While I was still busy with my groups homework, Kate had already tried out three dresses next to me.

She saw that I was still sitting at my desk and yelled at me, “Why arent you getting ready The ceremony is going to start in two hours. I already saw someone leaving, and youre still sitting here doing your homework!”

“Theres still two hours left,” I said casually. We are very close to the venue, so we could arrive within twenty minutes.

“Hurry up and get ready.”

“Okay, okay.”

I finished typing the last word on the computer and took out a simple white dress from the closet. This style was very plain, with a cut-out pattern and a simple waist-skimming cut. I chose a pair of semi-high heels for comfort, and the whole ceremony wasnt too uncomfortable for me. Roberts succession ceremony was just an errand I had to deal with. I didnt want to dress up. I was satisfied as long as I was decent and didnt lose my manners.

“Isnt this a little too plain” Kate commented on my dress.

“I think thats enough.”

“I think that something must be going on between you and Robert. You seem to be very unfriendly toward him.”

I rolled my eyes. Who was the one who was unfriendly toward whom I had already done my utmost to be kind to him.

“Are you leaving or not Didnt you say that were going to be late” I reminded her.

“Oh right! Alfred must be waiting anxiously.”

Kate and I went downstairs. Alfred had been waiting for us downstairs for a long time. He was our driver.

We arrived at the venue before seven oclock. The venue was very large. There were already several hundred werewolves gathered here. Almost all the werewolves from the entire pack had arrived. There were also a few other pack members who would attend the ceremony. Most of the people were exchanging greetings. The young werewolves would take the opportunity to look for their mates.

I wasnt interested in any of these things, and my wolf Mia was not used to being around a strange werewolf, so I had no intention of doing so. The ceremony didnt officially start until nine, so I felt we were still too early. I wanted to find Kate in the crowd, but she was already out in the world.

I wandered around the hall alone, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

I saw the top seat, a little above Alpha John, with an extra seat. It didnt make sense. Usually, the Alpha would sit at the top of everyone. Even if Robert took over as the Alpha, he had to give the previous alpha the respect he deserved.

Was there anyone else important coming today Someone even more distinguished than the Alpha, the royal Lycans! I remembered what Kate had told me before, that the royal Lycans might be attending the ceremony and that they could be more distinguished than the Alpha, not just any royal Lycans. It could be the prince or even the Lycan King!

This would be a great honor for the new Alpha. Our Alpha John cared about his son Robert, but he didnt know that his son was just a jerk.

A waiter came over and said that the Alpha wanted to see me.

I was confused. I had never interacted with the Alpha, and my parents were just regular werewolves. What was the Alpha trying to do, asking me to talk to him privately at a time like this Did he know about Robert and me My heart tightened.

Werewolves were known to best be with the mate the Moon Goddess had arranged. Although people now accepted Chosen Mates, some old-fashioned werewolves still thought it was a betrayal of the Moon Goddess.

To strengthen the pack and keep it stable, the Alpha would generally choose the Destined Mate, which people believed would make the pack better. What should I do if Alpha John forced me to be with Robert I couldnt refuse the Alpha.

I followed the waiter nervously to a room. Unexpectedly, there was no Alpha John in the room. There was only Robert.

I immediately realized that this was a trap set by Robert for me!

He tried to get someone to lure me here. What was he trying to do

“The Alpha was the one who summoned me. Now that Alpha isnt here, can I leave”

I said coldly.

“Im going to be the Alpha soon. Theres no difference.”

I looked at him warily. This was a meeting place, and there were guests all over the place. As long as I shouted, there would be people who would notice that something was wrong. He wouldnt have the chance to treat me the way he did last time.

“So, what do you want from me”

“Like I said last time, you wont have the chance to find another mate. Youre my mate, so you can only be mine.” Robert was wearing a luxurious gown today, and he looked imposing. However, his stubborn gaze revealed his inner heart. He wasnt a gentleman who was as decent as his appearance.

“What do you want You cant have two mates.”

“Yes, I can,” Robert said slowly. “I can have you and Alison at the same time.”-

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