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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 101 - Kates Story

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I took a deep breath. I had not expected this outcome.

Michaels mercy was the best I could hope for, and I certainly could not expect him to be kind enough to send Robert back.

Robert had come to me alone. No one knew him at the Ancient Wood Pack; he would have been seen as someone who had offended the Lycan Prince. Michaels anger almost burned down the entire forest. No one would take the risk of offending Michael to save Robert.

“And” I asked.

The corners of Kates lips curled up, revealing a faint smile as she said, “Robert hasnt appeared on campus for a long time. So, your escape this time is a big event. This has been a hot topic on campus this week. There are many theories out there. The most popular one is that Robert offended the Lycan Prince because of you and was killed by the Lycan Prince.”

Looking at Kates expression, I could tell this theory wasnt true.

“What do you know Dont keep me in suspense,” I urged.

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Kate sighed. “What I know is very limited. The other day, I heard that Alex summoned you away. I was worried that he would discover me, so I stayed at my aunts house and didnt go out. I didnt think it would be Robert. I thought that you would be happy if it were Michael. Then, we could go back together.”

I was really happy on the way there that day, but then…

Kate continued, “Then, it rained. It was terrible outside. I was hesitant to go out and look for you. Then, a strange woman knocked on the door. She had red hair and a special aura. I recognized her as a Lycan.”

I nodded in understanding. “Shes Sasha.”.

“Thats when I realized something unusual had happened. That woman, Sasha, told me what happened that night and asked me if I wanted to go back with her.”

Kate didnt have to tell me the rest.

If Kate wanted to follow someone back without Alex noticing, then the people around Michael were the best choice.

It was because, under the circumstances, Alex, the Alpha of the Ancient Wood Pack, probably wanted to send Michael away the most and would ignore the people in his team. So Kates scent among a group of Lycans could be very well hidden.

Thinking of this, I could not help but feel a little guilty toward Alex.

All of these disputes were brought about by me. He had been treating me with the friendliest attitude; I only brought him trouble and took away his mate.

I looked at Kate with a somewhat complicated look, thinking if the next time I saw Alex, I must apologize to him properly. However… Michael probably wouldnt let me go there alone.

Thinking of this, I smiled again. Although Michael was often overbearing and unreasonable, he was always childish and cute, and people couldnt hate him. During my departure this time, he was fierce with his words. Besides being insatiable in bed, he didnt do anything to me.

“Hey, dont give me that weird smile. Do you still want to know what happened after that” Kate said discontentedly.

I pulled myself away from the blushing memories of being with Michael. I looked at Kate and said, “You came back with me. How did you know what happened after that”

“Sasha told me something,” Kate said, looking me in the eye. “She said Robert didnt die. She had someone notify the packs Alpha, but they had to answer them. What she meant was that this wont just go away. Robert has to pay the price, and thats what your prince wants.”

I was not sure if this was a good or bad outcome.

Michael kept Robert alive and allowed his family to pick him up. This was a good thing. I didnt want Michael to kill someone because of me. But he said he would punish Robert. So what else was he going to do

Robert had lost his mark. He couldnt live his life the way he used to. If his father wasnt an Alpha, he might have been the lowest Omega in the pack.

Robert had always been the center of attention. Everyone would trample on his pride and self-esteem due to losing his mark. He would face a massive change in life. I thought this punishment was cruel enough for him.

“Did Sasha say what Michael was going to do” I asked.

Kate shook her head. “Im not familiar with her, and she didnt tell me too much. But I have a vague idea.”-

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