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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 102 - The Werewolf Court

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I moved closer to ensure I could hear every word she said.

Kate said, “Aside from Roberts absence, Alpha John has only appeared once or twice in recent days. I can see that hes not in good shape. He looks tired and a lot older. But, we all know that without his mark, Robert will never be able to succeed as our packs Alpha. Alpha John was going to hand over all the power.”

I nodded after Kate. “If thats the case, its normal for Alpha John to be in a bad state.”

Kate shook her head. “Its more than that. Alpha John wasnt happy with Robert becoming his heir. Do you remember what happened at the succession ceremony Alpha John should have been mentally prepared for Robert not being able to succeed as Alpha, but now he looks like hes taken an unexpectedly big hit.”

“Is it because of Roberts injury” I asked slowly.

Digging up a werewolfs mark was the worst thing a werewolf could bear other than death. No matter how much Alpha John hated that his son had failed, he would not want his son to suffer such a terrible and irreversible punishment.

“I guess thats just one way to look at it,” Kate said. “Although Sasha didnt say it, I surmised from her conversations with others that they probably want to send Robert to the werewolf court for trial.”

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The werewolf court!

I covered my mouth in shock.

Did I hate Robert The answer was yes.

He ruined me once and almost killed me.

But his situation still made me very uncomfortable, not because of blind kindness or anything, but because he had been punished.

Robert made mistakes, that was for sure. But his harm only to me, and from my current situation, he did not cause any actual harm. He had lost everything because of his mistake but was still likely to face the werewolf court.

Generally, werewolves live in their packs. So, even if some werewolves broke the law, it was dealt with by internal punishment.

But there were always some werewolves banished from their pack. They had wandered around, and some committed crimes the pack could not reasonably restrain, so werewolf courts were created.

The original werewolf courts were formed by pack-selected good-natured werewolves who specialized in the trials of wandering werewolves.

But as they grew over the years, werewolf courts became independent of all pack courts, and it was not even under the jurisdiction of the Royal Lycan. As the authority of the werewolf court increased, the Lycans also sent some people to participate and, together with the original core members of the werewolf court, set the rules for trial and punishment.

Each pack would send those who committed the most heinous crimes and were challenging to deal with within the pack to the werewolf court for trial, and the trials outcome would be announced to all the werewolf packs.

The werewolf court represented the supreme authority of werewolf justice.

If Robert were found guilty by the werewolf court, he would henceforth be treated with contempt and despise whenever he went to any werewolf pack.

Michaels punishment was too severe.

And I knew that Michael was doing it because of me.

In a way, Robert was facing a different kind of power. Just as I couldnt fight back against anything Robert did to me, Robert couldnt fight back against Michael.

Even as I went from being weak to being strong, I couldnt fight back against this kind of power.

Everyone should follow certain rules, not just the strength of their fists.

“This is too much,” I muttered.

“Too much!” Kate said with a disapproving expression. “Think about what he did to you. He wanted you after you had the Lycan Prince; he had already chosen his mate and marked her. Did you think about what would happen to you that day”

I was speechless.

It wasnt that I didnt think about what would happen if Michael didnt show up that day. Robert would force mark me. Since we both had a mate, everything he gave me through marking was no different from poison. I needed to fight him on my own. Maybe I could get through it. Perhaps I might have died.

Robert didnt care at all. He just didnt like it when I rejected him. He wanted to prove that he hadnt lost to Michael in such a stupid way.

“Youd have died!” Kate continued. “Robert was attempting to kill a future princess. He wanted to compete with the Lycan Prince for a mate. No matter what the crime, its enough for him to go to the werewolf court.”

I knew that Kate was right.-

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