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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 103 - Only A Hypothesis

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After the Lycans joined the werewolf court, there were many rules to protect the interests of the Royal Lycan Family. For example, any act that caused harm to a member of the Royal Lycan Family could be directly tried by the werewolf court.

Although this rule seemed unfair, it was rarely used because few werewolves would overestimate themselves to harm a royal Lycan. Due to the difference in power, werewolves held the Lycans in awe most of the time.

I thought for a while and shook my head at Kate. “I want to talk to Michael about this. Robert cant go to werewolf court.”

Kate frowned at me. “Whats wrong with you Youre the last person who should sympathize with that b*stard. Do you still feel for Robert now that you have the Lycan Prince”

I rolled my eyes at Kate. “I rejected him myself.”

“Who knows what he said that day that moved you,” Kate muttered. “Youve been asking me about Robert ever since I arrived. Youre so concerned.”

“You just said he would kill me that day!” I glared at Kate.

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“So he deserved it.” Kate shrugged. “I dont understand what youre thinking. Youre getting along well with the Lycan Prince now. Why should you care about Robert I bet he wouldnt be happy if you interceded with the Lycan Prince.”

“Robert and I used to be mates, after all. You have no idea…” I choked.

I was going to say that you have no idea how much a mate relationship could affect a persons judgment.

My relationship with Robert was messy from start to finish; with the mark and Alison thrown into the equation and meeting Michael.

It was hard for me, myself included, to avoid feeling a crush on Robert when he was hurting, and that kind of connection could make us lose some of our sanity.

But then I thought about Kate and Alex.

Kate must be going through the tear-up feeling of being separated from her mate.

I put it another way, “Robert was just mean to me. In high school, he seemed like a nice guy in every way. I feel responsible for what hes become. His mate shouldnt have been me in the first place. If his mate had been Alison in the first place, then none of this would have happened.”

“Cecily.” Kate sighed. “These are Roberts own choices. It has nothing to do with you. If hes wrong, hes wrong. Put yourself in his shoes. If you were Robert, would you have done the same thing”

I shook my head without thinking.

No matter what happened, I wouldnt hurt him unscrupulously, even if my fated mate wasnt the one I wanted.

“Thats right,” Kate said. “After Robert took the wrong first step, he took the wrong second step. He chose to mark Alison, but hes not loyal to his choice. Hes walking further and further down the wrong path.”

I thought about what Kate had said in silence.

I couldnt think of a reason to dispute Kates reasoning. Everyone probably thought so.

The Lycans were naturally more noble than werewolves. Robert had offended me. I was Michaels mate, so I offended Michael. Werewolves who offended the Lycans should be punished. All of this logic was logical.

So why were the Lycans nobler than ordinary werewolves It was because they were more powerful and because they ruled werewolves, so werewolves should respect them and obey them.

I tried to think about this from another perspective; what if Michael was just Michael What if Michael was not a Lycan prince but an ordinary werewolf What would be Roberts situation now

But surely, Robert wouldnt have gone to werewolf court, he wouldnt have lost his mark, and he would even have been eligible to succeed the Alpha.

I tried to convey this idea to Kate, but Kate didnt take it seriously.

“Hypothetically, what youre saying is hypothetical, Cecily,” Kate said. “But the fact is that Michael is the Lycan Prince, so Robert has to be punished like this.”

“But its not reasonable.” I wanted to refute that.

“Why do you have to dwell on this” Kate looked at me confusedly.

“I… I dont know.”

I stared at the unfinished hamburger fries in a daze.

As I had chatted with Kate for too long, they had already gone cold.

Food had to be eaten at the right time for them to be delicious, or it was just for survival.

I felt the same way about myself. It was as if everything had happened at the wrong time, and everything was rushing in. There was no time to react appropriately; I was just blindly following my heart.

Even though I had had two mates, I was still confused about my relationship with them. Should I listen to my second mate or stop him from destroying my first mate-

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