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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 105 - A Sl*tty Servant

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At this point, I had to do something about it.

I put one hand on my breast and squeezed it gently to make my femininity more attractive. With the other hand, I lifted an already short skirt and twirled my fingers around the base of my thigh, revealing a hint of femininity.

I was seducing Michael like a slut and using it to get what I wanted.

The thought of it made the shame go to my head.

I almost wanted to stop everything and run into the bathroom to lock the door.

But there was a silent desire to win. I wanted to conquer my mate. I wanted my mate to think I was sexy and crazy about me.

This time, I succeeded.

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I saw the fire in Michaels eyes burn as well. He widened his eyes and looked straight at me. Then, he looked down at my hand, rubbing my breasts.

“What new show is this, my little wolf” Michael closed the door behind him and tried to maintain a calm tone.

“Ill tell you when you get closer.”

I could already see Michael hovering on the edge of his patience, and I didnt mind giving him one last push. I tried to show Michael my feminine side, and the curtain had just begun to fall on this show; I was the main character in it, and I had to pull Michael into my script.

Michael took two steps forward, just like I said.

I could see myself in his eyes now, and he only had me in his eyes, giving me the feeling that I could manipulate him. I was content with the idea that this arrogant Lycan prince, utterly obsessed with me, would do what I told him to do.

I looked up at Michael and held out a hand.

It was an invitation and a seduction.

Sure enough, Michael reached out as I expected. Just as his finger was about to touch mine, I flipped the back of my hand over Michaels and pulled it back.

Michaels breathing quickened, and his dark brown eyes began to glow with a hint of gold.

He looked down at me and repeated in a low, husky voice, “What are you playing at, my little wolf”

I blinked at Michael and placed my retracting hand on my chest. His eyes were drawn to me.

This was the first time in my life that I had tried to seduce a man with my body, and I didnt know what I was going to do next. But from Michaels reaction, I could tell that he had degenerated from the powerful Lycan prince into a man with only physical instincts. His eyes were about to fall from the sockets onto my body. He was about to be overwhelmed by his instincts.

I pushed my arm around his neck and gave him a peck on the corner of his mouth.

Michaels breath was still warm and nice. His lips were like a delicious pastry with an incredible aroma.

Michael was caught off guard by my action, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

I felt even smugger and lingered on his lips for a few more seconds, taking another satisfying, intoxicating breath before reluctantly separating from Michael.

I narrowed my eyes and raised one leg to hook it around Michaels waist. This brought my skirt up to my lower abdomen, exposing my lower body to Michael. Again, this dissolute little servant showed her determination to seduce her master with no scruples.

Michael reached out and grabbed my leg. He looked at me darkly, and I swallowed.

In that instant, Michaels aura changed subtly. I felt the power shift to him again.

“Youre dressed like this to seduce me, arent you”

Michael and I were very close. Our auras merged.

My ears turned red, but I couldnt deny it. He was telling the truth. I was the one seducing him today.

Michael didnt need an answer. His hand followed his line of sight as he spoke and rubbed my breasts. Michaels hand and my hand didnt work the same way. I had been rubbing my breasts for so long, mainly to seduce Michael. There wasnt much pleasure in my body. But as soon as Michaels hand touched me, I felt a rush of heat from my chest, and my lower body became wet.

One of Michaels legs pressed against the base of my thigh, and I could feel the heat from his genitals pressing directly against my skirt, and a little farther up was the secret garden beneath me.

My smile was about to break.-

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