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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 110 - Please Come In Master

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Even though my vagina was wet enough, it was still uncomfortable. Michaels breath became unsteady as my inner wall wrapped around his fingers in a fiery heat. He stared at me with a fierce desire to conquer.

Michael didnt speak, but his movements became more wanton, deeper; stimulating the frequency of sexual intercourse.

I was almost driven mad by him. Michael had never spent so much time on foreplay before, and his lower body had been perched high on my first orgasm, but he hadnt entered me yet, and I began to resent his inhuman endurance.

The sound of my wetness grew increasingly loud, and the surge of pleasure inside me continued to build up, but it never reached that peak. I sobbed, put my arms around Michaels shoulders and back, arched my back, and wanted more from him.

I had to beg for mercy. “Michael, Michael… Give it to me, uh, give it to me… ”

Michael pulled his fingers out of me. The soft passage had been opened up nicely, and when he pulled out his fingers, it was still yearning to swallow something.

I could feel my wetness flowing out of my body, but I couldnt care less about my shame. I groaned and begged Michael to take me.

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Michael straightened his back between my legs and finally began to take off his clothes.

I looked at him with fascination. He wasnt the over-the-top type. Instead, he had a lean, muscular waist under his clothes. The muscles were evenly spaced as if they held infinite power. He was beautiful and radiant, just like he was.

Michael noticed my gaze and paused for a second before taking off his pants.

I followed his movements and looked down. First, he pulled down his tailored suit pants to reveal the area I wanted to see. He then pulled down his black underpants and knelt naked between my legs.

I immediately saw the shaft between his legs, long and thick, with veins bulging from its stem and heaving heavily into the patch of a dark forest.

But I couldnt help but recall the pleasure it had given me.

Michael didnt pause for a moment before he moved again, and the heat of the thing beneath him showed that his patience had reached its limit.

He lifted one of my legs. The hard and hot penis pressed against the opening below me. Michael stared at me. I saw a golden beast inside.

I could feel the heat of the penis below me. It was pressing against my opening and pulsating.

“Please come in, Master,” I said, biting my lips.

Michael suddenly became urgent. He had only been probing around a moment ago. After hearing what I said, he thrust his penis into my G-spot. I felt as if my entire body was full. My thighs were tense and relaxed. The area beneath me where I held Michael was trembling.

My insides were sucking on Michaels member, giving him great pleasure. The color of his eyes had almost turned completely gold. There was a beastly and terrifying light.

Michael grabbed my thigh with all his might, his fingers about to sink into the soft flesh at the base of my leg.

I didnt think addressing him as mymaster would make him react so strongly.

I had been struggling with the size of his member when I firstate it. Michael was out of control, and I only felt a growing pain in my lower body. Then, along with the sound of bodily friction, I heard Michael f*ck me wantonly.

“Argh… ” I put my hands on Michaels shoulders and heard his breathing, which was just as chaotic as mine.

Michaels member was still too big for me. After he inserted himself, my vagina wrapped around his member tightly, making it as difficult as the first time for him to thrust.

It was difficult, but there was no hindrance. On the contrary, my body constantly secreted a sexual fluid to welcome Michaelsinvasion. I could feel Michaels heat inside me. It was painful and exhilarating.

There was more to it than physical pleasure. There was also psychological pleasure.

It was Michael, and that alone was enough to drive my mind away from home and turn me into a moaning woman beneath him.

My fingers slid from Michaels shoulder to his waist and rested on his coveted abs, outlining their shape.

This perfect Lycan prince was mine. He was mine and mine alone for the rest of my life.

I watched as Michael lowered himself and pushed his already-bottomed penis inward, the tip of his penis grinding against my soft, wet flesh. The two pushed against each other, creating more fluid in the inner-pring and making a lewd slurping sound.

I was pushed forward by Michaels thrust, and a moan escaped my throat.-

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