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My groaning was like a potent aphrodisiac, making Michaels desire grow more intense. He literally swung his hips out of control, and each time his penis was only halfway out, he would stuff it back in again, like a sharp blade piercing through the folds of the jungle and into the innermost recesses.

I felt the heat of my G-spot wrapping around his body and the low, husky, muffled groans that escaped my throat involuntarily, the physical pleasure so intense that my scalp tingled.

I did not struggle or resist. Instead, I lay under Michael in a nearly submissive position, giving my mate the softest and most intimate parts of my body to take as he pleased.

My arms were still half-placed on Michaels shoulders, and our bodies were so close together, chest to chest, thighs to thighs. Where our skin touched, sweat inevitably oozed out, making me feel closer.

Every inch of my skin was sticky and hot, and the heat was so intense that I felt like losing my mind. It was as if any distance between Michael and I had melted away, and all the awkwardness and fighting had gone away. We were one.

As if it hadnt gone far enough, Michael furrowed his brows slightly and pulled his genitals out of my body. I grabbed his shoulders and tried to hold him back, but Michael grabbed my wrist and pushed me to the side.

I saw Michael straighten up and look down where our most private parts met.

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I followed his gaze. My legs were bent into anM shape, and in the middle was a moist, soft opening that Michael had poked so hard that it was hard to close. The tips of my thighs were red and glistening. It was incredibly lewd.

I only glanced at it once and didnt dare look again. Instead, I hooked my arms around Michaels neck to keep him going.

I raised my knees and rubbed them against his still-perky penis. I panted. “Why arent you doing it”

Michael reached out and grabbed my shins. He pushed my legs to his chest blankly, stared into my eyes, and pushed his bulging member into me, inch by inch. “I cant wait any longer,” he said gruffly.

After the change of position, Michaels movements were not as urgent as before but were advancing at a slow but profound speed.

This position placed an even more significant burden on my belt, hanging in mid-air and relying solely on Michaels movements to support me. From time to time, he would change the angle of his thrusts, and I could feel his hot member moving in and out of my body, creating tremendous pressure on my sensitive inner lining.

After a few thrusts, I could not endure Michaels slow movements and begged him to hurry up.

Michael pinched my thigh, but his movements were still unhurried. Finally, he said, “If you want your master to do something, how do you ask for it”

“Oh… Ah, ah, ah, I beg you, Master… I beg you to give it to me.”

“So sl*tty… ” Michael fiercely pushed against my sensitive insides and teased, “Little servant, say something nice.”

“Ah, ah, ah… just right there. It feels so good… Master! Master!!!”

“Why are you only calling memaster If you dont say what you want clearly, your master wont know what you want.”

Michael pressed his whole body against mine. His eyes were dyed red by lust, but he had stopped moving.

I only felt my body was about to burst from Michaels member. That scalding, thick, and long thing stopped moving inside me. I could feel the blue veins bulging on it. Every fluctuation seemed to be connected to Michaels heartbeat. If I moved even a little, I would feel an unbearable numbness from within.

But this wasnt enough. It was far from enough!

“I want you. I want you to f*ck me.”

I was almost driven mad by Michaels vile behavior in bed.

Why did I have to listen to Sashas advice and seduce Michael in bed In the end, I wasnt the one who was at the mercy of others. I was offering myself to him. How silly!

“How do you want me to f*ck you, my little servant”

Michael started to move slowly again. However, he did not stop dirty-talking.

“Do you want me to do it harder or lighter, deeper or shallower Your master can satisfy all your requests.”

“Oh… Ah, ah, ah… F*ck my G-spot. Please, Michael, Master. Punish my mistakes, please.” I groaned loudly.

Michael finally stopped teasing me. He wiggled his hip and pulled out halfway. Then, he lowered his body and started to f*ck me hard.

His penis carried the same aggressive conquering desire as his body. It pressed against my most sensitive spot and rubbed against it. I lost my voice because of that, the protruding tendons on his penis rubbed against the tender flesh in me, causing waves of numbness.


I could no longer control the moaning coming out of my throat.-

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