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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 112 - Another Orgasm

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Every wave of Michaels pleasures seemed precious and sweet after the unrequited ordeal. They quickly filled every vein in my body, carrying the pleasure to every nook and cranny of my body and eroding my will with ease.

I felt hot in my breath and an unmistakable itch in my lower body. Michaels violent movements had inflamed the mucous membranes, making them crave deeper penetration.

Michael was still pushing hard, his soaked penis thrusting in and out relentlessly, its full tip pressing against my G-spot inside me. Within a few rounds, I felt myself shudder again, and I was about to come again.

The rush of pleasure was so intense that it scared me, and I pushed my hand against Michaels chest, shivering. “No, its too much, Michael… ”

I wanted to close my legs, but because Michaels waist was stuck between my legs, I couldnt do anything. I could only kick in vain and let Michael thrust his penis into me.

I seemed to become even wetter. The soft inner membrane was repeatedly stimulated. The most sensitive part of my body was worn to the point of soreness. The rush of pleasure came in waves. It continuously washed over my body and gradually accumulated to a point where my brain couldnt process what was happening anymore.

As Michael pushed in forcefully, my sore walls were rubbed against again. The electric pleasure shot up to the top of my head. I let out a low, hoarse cry, and my sight blurred for a moment.

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Then, I felt a heat in my lower body. A strange feeling came from below.

Michaels fingers were resting on my clitoris. He carelessly rubbed them twice. It was already crowded down there, and Michaels movements were not gentle.

I let out a whimper. My eyes slowly focused and slowly met his gaze.

“Michael… ”

Michael looked down at me. His mouths corners curled slightly as if he was smiling. “Another orgasm.”

“Dont say it! Dont say it… ” I said in a low voice, almost as if I was begging for mercy.

It was so much pleasure that it made me panic.

I could even imagine what I looked like now. My breasts were red and swollen from being sucked by Michael. My waist was raised high, and my legs were spread out on Michaels sides. I looked like I couldnt be any more promiscuous.

I hurriedly sucked in oxygen from the air. Even my lower body shrank involuntarily. My inner wall was still squeezing his invasive genitalia. I heard Michaels satisfied sigh. My actions seemed to please him, making the presence of the hot flesh even more distinct. I could even feel every vein protruding from it.

Without giving me time to rest, my lower orifice was pushed open again.

Michaels thick and bulging penis roughly pushed open the wet and soft walls, and with aplop, he suddenly drilled into the deepest part of my body.


His scorching hot sex organ directly hit my G-spot. I let out an unguarded scream. In an instant, my eyes teared up.

The intense pain in my abdomen made me almost unable to breathe. My body twisted even more violently.

Following that, I was forcefully pressed down. It was obvious that Michael had lost his patience to continue the foreplay.

His brows were tightly knitted, and his eyes burned with a dark fire. He completely lost his usual noble prince appearance. He firmly pressed down on me and fiercely shouted, “Dont move!”

This fierce shout pierced through my eardrums. My entire body trembled, and I suddenly lost the strength to resist. I was a fish on Michaels chopping board.

I could only watch helplessly as Michaels penis casually entered and exited my body. There werent any fancy moves. It was just the simplest thrusting, but it brought about a warm current of desire that caused us to sink together.

The hot shaft pressed against the juicy wall of flesh, and every hit made a wet, slurping sound. The blood-filled walls and mucous membranes continued to produce a rush of pleasure throughout my body.

Michael pushed so deep with every thrust that I involuntarily straightened my legs, feeling as if he was going to f*ck his shaft straight into my womb.

I whimpered like a trapped animal under Michael.

I didnt know how sl*tty I looked right now, but his movements became more violent, and I couldnt help but scream under him.

He didnt hit me at my G-spot every time, but he made hard contact in that area every few times, which made me nervous and expectant for his next hit.

Suddenly, he hit me hard twice on my clitoris.

The electric rush rushed up my spine, and I groaned in surprise. My expression was blank for a moment, and when I opened my mouth again, I was already sobbing. “No! Dont do that.”

“Why not” Michael asked as he looked down at my most intimate area. His handsome face was also flushed with lust.

Michael was like an angel that had descended from the altar. He was noble and otherworldly yet tainted by the secular world.

At this moment, he stared into my eyes and said slowly, “Isnt this what you want What Im doing is to satisfy you.”-

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