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Michaels words made me blush.

I didnt want to admit that he was telling the truth, but I couldnt deny the pleasure he had given me.

Michael said slowly, “Youre the one who seduced me. So why are you still doing this”

He leaned into my ear and said, “Youre making me feel like Im committing a marital rape.”

What was Michael talking about

Marital rape We were not married. I hadnt even met his family. No, the emphasis should be on the second half of the sentence. What rape I… I wasnt forced to do it.

My face turned red. I was so ashamed that I wanted to interrupt him. “Michael! What are you… Ahhh!!!”

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Before I could finish, I was crushed by Michaels sudden acceleration.

Michael grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist, his powerful hips jutting forward and driving his large penis into me.

The friction quickly numbed my clitoris, and my inner walls were wet and slippery, making my attempts to slow Michaels attack futile. Michaels movements forced me open over and over again. I felt like a clam that was completely opened up, giving the other party a taste of the snow-white soft interior.

At this moment, I couldnt even shut my mouth. Instead, Instead, I could only let out a series of gasps while my face was flushed red.

“Ah, ah… Michael, no… ah, ah… !”

The constant friction in my body was too intense. In comparison, the slight pain of my vagina being pushed open was completely insignificant. I was so happy that my eyes were blurred, and I almost sobbed in embarrassment. The warm current in my body had already converged into a small stream. My bodily fluid was constantly flowing out of the place where our lust met.

My legs became sore and weak. I almost couldnt wrap my arms around Michaels waist.

The pleasure quickly reached its peak again. I closed my eyes and panted in a daze. “Its so deep. I cant take it anymore… Ah, Michael, slow down, slow down… ”

Michaels breath was growing shallower, and his brows furrowed even tighter.

After a moment, he finally couldnt take it anymore and leaned over to block my mouth. He went even faster. After a few convulsive movements, he breathed heavily and sprayed his love into me.

I let out a low whimper, looked away, and blinked blankly. “Michael”

Michael moved with me and kissed my lips. I didnt have time to say anything more to him, and we clung together again. I could still hear his rapid breathing when he finally left my lips. He was chewing on my lips until they were red and swollen. I could feel his desire and lust for me.

My lower body was still soaked. Even though Michael was no longer in me, his hot member was still between my legs.

My heart was still beating hard because of him. I held the white shirt that he had not taken off completely. His hand was wrapped around mine. We were very close. Michael and I looked into each others eyes with affection and dependence.

Michael tilted his head and kissed me again. Then, we finally moved away from each other.

He buried his head in my neck. His hot breath brushed my neck. Michael nibbled at my ear and whispered, “My Cecily. Tell me, why did you do this today”

“Im very happy you asked Kate to visit me today, and I want you to be happy too,” I whispered.

This wasnt my original goal, but in trying to please Michael, it was the thought that occupied most of my mind. I wanted Michael to be infatuated with me, and I wanted him to be happy with me, and Michaels happiness during sex gave me more satisfaction than physical stimulation.

“Thats it” Michaels voice rose slightly, hinting of post-sex languor, sexy as hell.

“Ive caused you much trouble, and Im sorry about that,” I said.

Michael raised his eyebrows and looked at me, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. Then, he sat up from my body and gave me a slightly evil smile as he said, “If you really think so, then I think I can ask for more compensation. I havent had my fill yet.”

I was a little nervous because of the meaning of Michaels words. I had already had several orgasms, and now my whole body was still in that feeling. My lower body seemed to still be trembling.

Although the physical feeling was pleasant, the stimulation made me feel a little overwhelmed. I felt that I needed to rest. But Michael seemed to have only vented once as if he didnt have enough.

I subconsciously gulped, wanting to stall for time. I stammered, “Im a little thirsty. Can you get me a glass of water first”

Michael sneered as if he had seen through my trick. Then, he ridiculed, “Thirsty Theres much water here. From where do you want to drink”

He gestured suggestively at the sheets.-

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