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It was difficult for me to understand the details. He was like my lover, full of emotions and passionate love for a moment. But, at the same time, he was like an old man who had gone through many things. Although he stood high and looked down at me; he had a certain divinity.

“I wont let anyone hurt you—no matter in the past or future. No one can take you away from me,” Michael said in a deep voice.

It sounded like an oath.

Before officially accepting my relationship with Michael, Michael had chosen me with absolute certainty.

While I was still hesitating to choose and accept Michael as my mate, Michael had saved my life from Robert.

And now, when I thought our relationship had just begun, Michael had given me promises and oaths.

Iwas sure I loved Michael and only him, but I was only eighteen and not sure I was ready to spend the rest of my life with this person.

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Werewolves live longer than humans, and Michael had lived for over a century. What if I didnt live as long as Michael What if I could live as long as Michael I wasnt prepared to spend the next hundred years with Michael.

All sorts of thoughts flashed through my mind. I stared blankly at Michael, but I asked another question instead.

“So you knew it was me at the time. Was that why you came to the pack”

Michael raised an eyebrow. “Why would you think that”

“Because a Lycan prince coming to the pack is unusual,” I muttered.

Michael smiled. “Were not that godly. We can sense where our mate is from thousands of kilometers away. If thats the case, it wouldnt be so hard for the royal Lycans to find their mate. When I met you, I didnt think it was a blessing.”

A blessing.

Michaels choice of words always made my heart race.

“So why did you come to pack Im still surprised that a Lycan prince would attend a pack Alphas succession ceremony.”

I looked at Michael and said, “Although our pack is large and the Lycan King will send a representative, a Lycan prince is unheard of.”

Michael put his arm around me and changed my position in his arms, and he said, “Actually, I was not there because of the packs Alpha succession ceremony. I was there on some other business, and it just so happened that Alpha John sent my father an invitation to the succession ceremony, and my father thought Id be here at that hour, so he asked me if I wanted to go, and I said yes to something that didnt matter.”

“Dealing with something else”

I thought about how Michael had been leaving early and returning late every day, including the days Id been back, and how hed been out almost every day.

Id been curious about what he was up to, but Id never asked because Id wanted Michael to be around less often back then.

“Yes. In the past few months, there have been frequent attacks on werewolf packs on the west coast of the United States. My father sent me to investigate this. I have visited a few packs that have been attacked in the past few days. Without exception, a she-wolf has disappeared in every attack.”

“A she-wolf” I exclaimed.

“Thats right, a she-wolf.” A look of disgust appeared on Michaels face. He continued, “And all of them are adult females. After investigation, all the missing she-wolves are between sixteen and forty years old. This is the golden age of a she-wolf.”

“Ive never heard of such a thing around here.”

“Thats because such a thing hasnt happened in your pack yet. However, the most recent pack is less than 100 kilometers away from you. There have already been two cases of missing she-wolves.” Michael sighed. “Thats why I was mad when I heard the news of your disappearance. I feared you had also been attacked and taken away.”

I looked at Michael again, feeling sincerely guilty for what I had done.

I had never put myself in Michaels shoes. He was a Lycan prince. Most of the time, I only cared about the privileges he had and the things he forced on me that made me uncomfortable, but I ignored the responsibilities he had to bear.

He also had many things to do. His identity was a glory but also a shackle. Perhaps most of the time, he acted tyrannically just so that he could better do what he wanted in his position.

“Do you have any idea about this now” I asked carefully.

“According to our intel so far, the enemy mainly targets the relatively weak werewolf pack and some she-wolves that live alone. These people are relatively isolated, so its easier for the culprits to attack them.” Michael furrowed his brows; he was deep in thought.-

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