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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 13

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Everyones gaze fell on me again.

Two high-status werewolves vying for a mate would be the talk of the town for the next month.

I had to step up and explain at the center of it all.

I tried to step out from behind Michael, who seemed reluctant to allow it. I barely made it halfway around him before he wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt Michael and Roberts eyes meet, and in the end, it was Robert who backed off and looked to the ground. He always overestimated himself.

I stood in front of the Alpha and Luna and explained, “We used to be mates, but Robert chose someone else, and I rejected him. So were not related anymore.”

It wasnt as hard as I thought to say what had happened in front of everyone. I thought it would be humiliating, but it wasnt. My heart had become stronger than before, and now, I had a better mate. Losing me was Roberts loss, the kind that couldnt be reversed.


Alpha John interrupted Robert with a stern look and asked, “Is that so Robert, answer me honestly.”

Robert lowered his head without saying a word, which was a tacit agreement.

“Why didnt you choose Cecily” Alpha Johns tone became impatient. “Tell me!”

The situation was about to get out of control.

“Your Highness, I think wed better talk about this when were back to the Packhouse. What do you think”

The Luna began to try to take control of the situation. When Alpha and everyone else were about to lose their rationality, this was undoubtedly the Lunas responsibility.

Michael nodded, his arm still around me. I could see his face was gloomy. No werewolf would like their Destined Mate to have another mate, but it wasnt my fault.

The alpha succession ceremony had to be interrupted.

We went into the office. I could see that everyone was extremely tense, not including me. I wont take any responsibility for the current situation. It was all Roberts fault. I guessed that he wouldnt get another chance to succeed the Alpha.

“Tell me whats going on. Cecily is the Destined Mate that the Moon Goddess gave me. Youd better give me an explanation.” Michael was the first to speak. I could feel that he had been keeping mum for a long time. He couldnt wait to show his fangs and demonstrate to all those who tried to covet me.

“Your Royal Highness, we will give you an explanation,” the Luna said.

“Robert!” Alpha John stared at Robert.

“This lady just said that…” the Luna looked at me inquisitively.

“Her name is Cecily,” Michael interrupted her.

“Miss Cecily said that you chose someone else to mark. Is that true” The Luna asked Robert calmly, but she sounded very disappointed.

“Yes… but Cecily and I are Destined Mates!” Robert argued indignantly.

“Didnt you say before that you and the other she-wolf are Destined Mates and have already marked each other”

Alpha John said coldly, “Back then, although your mother and I didnt think highly of her, we still respected your wishes. In the end, you lied to us, the people who love you and believe you the most in the world, right”

I didnt think that this was the case. Robert had lied to them and said that Alison was his Destined Mate. He had allowed Alison to take away everything that belonged to me!

Michael frowned on the side.

“Did you mark another she-wolf”

Michael turned to me. “Did you reject him back then, Cecily”

“No, I didnt.”

I recalled that time and couldnt help but reveal a pained expression. The anger in Michaels eyes intensified as he roared at Robert, “Are you daring enough to tell me that you dont know how much damage marking another will do to your Destined Mate Cecily will be the Crown Princess of the royal family in the future. Whoever dares to harm her is being disrespectful to the royal family!”

The Alpha and Lunas faces turned pale. It dawned on them how serious this was.

If they were only angry at Roberts ignorance of the situation before, now they were terrified of Roberts outrageous behavior.

A mark was a special contract between werewolves. Two people who loved each other would leave a mark on each others necks. Once they marked each other, they were unique and irreplaceable to each other.

Werewolves typically choose a mate to mark and often spend the rest of their lives with their marked mate until death did them part. This made it difficult for werewolves to develop feelings for or mate with other people, and it could make us physically very resistant, and it hurt a lot.

Werewolves had always been a strong and loyal species.

For this reason, it was also considered an unforgivable betrayal to not reject ones Destined Mate and mark with other werewolves despite already having a Destined Mate. In some packs, this was illegal as this behavior caused great physical harm to the other half.-

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