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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 18

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I couldnt calm my face down until Michael was completely out of my sight. The view had a considerable impact on me. In fact, I had never seen a naked man like this before.

When all the girls in high school were going out with guys, I was too skinny and introverted to join them. I thought about giving my virginity to someone random, but I backed out at the last minute. I didnt want to be so hasty. What was the point of doing this if it was not someone I love

But I was not ignorant enough to not know what would happen between Michael and me. Michael just seemed to have a sizable and scarypackage. And he was going to stuff that into me. Oh my god! Was that possible

The only thing Id ever stuffed into my body in my life was a tampon. Obviously, that was a far cry from Michaelspackage. And I was still a beginner. Id heard that most men didnt like inexperienced girls. That could be very troublesome.

I sat by the bed alone and thought about it for a long time until Michael asked for me.

“Cecily, bring me a towel.”

I couldnt believe that there were no towels in the bathroom. I suspected that Michael was teasing me.

“Unless you want me to walk out of here naked,” Michael said.


I went to the cloakroom and pulled out a few new towels from the closet. I thought about it and pulled out a pair of baggy shorts. I didnt want to face that awkward situation again. Instead, my gaze rested on the other side of the closet, filled with womens clothes.

I hesitated and pondered between a violation of Michaels privacy and giving into my intense desire to explore. I opened the closet anyway. There were all kinds of dresses, some shirts, and some pants. I pulled open the bottom drawer. It was filled with several stacks of lightweight silk pajamas and even underwear.

Other women had been here, spent the night, and even lived in this room for a long time! I could smell a similar scent to Michaels. She must be a royal Lycan. Anger and jealousy rose in my heart at the same time.

“Im coming out now!” Michael said.

I walked quickly to the bathroom door and threw the towel in with a straight face.

A moment later, Michael came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. The towel wasnt short, but he was so tall that it only covered his upper thighs, revealing the rest of his muscular, sexy thighs. It looked like hispackage had calmed down.

I thought about the clothes Id seen in the cloakroom and felt uncomfortable again. How many women had Michael brought here I knew Michael couldnt be as inexperienced as I was. But if he had a long-term lover whose clothes were stored at his place, even I as his Destined Mate, it would be unethical anyway.

“I dont want to share a room with you,” I said.

Michael had changed into his shorts and dried his wet hair with a towel. He turned around when he heard me.

“I thought we had an agreement.”

“I dont see that we have an agreement.”

I saw water dripping down his neck, rolling down the muscle lines in his abdomen, and converging on the shorts. Damn it. I felt my body start to heat up again.

“Youd better put your shirt on too,” I said stiffly, pointing in the direction of the cloakroom.

“No, I like to sleep like this.”

Michael looked at me, clearly puzzled by my sudden change in attitude.

“You dont look too happy.”

“If you knew that your Destined Mate had a lover, you wouldnt be too happy either.”

He looked at me in confusion for two seconds as if he remembered something. He walked to the cloakroom, and I sat on the bed alone, sulking.

Michael quickly walked out of the bathroom. He was holding a silk nightgown that she had just seen. It was a champagne-colored halter dress. He seemed serious, but I could see that he held back his laughter! I didnt get what was so funny. Was having a lover and a mate something that he was proud of I grew even angrier.

“Are you jealous because of this” Michael waved the nightgown in his hand at me.

“Im not,” I denied. “I just think you should know that you cant have two people at the same time.”

“Of course, I cant have two people at the same time.” Michael could barely hide his smile now.

‘Then, what is in your hand What other explanation could there be

Perhaps, I was the one who should have left. However, it was Michael who forcefully brought me here. Moreover, we were still Destined Mates. Did I have to experience being abandoned by my mate again

I looked at him angrily.

“These are my sisters clothes,” Michael explained. “This used to be my sisters house. She got married and moved to another place, so this place belongs to me now.”-

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