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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 19

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I was stunned. Michael looked at me and added happily.

“I think she obviously left some things behind.”

Michael said slowly.

“Dont you think the smell is familiar Blood-related Lycans smell alike.”

I knew I had made a mistake and instantly felt ashamed.

Michael walked toward me and placed his hand against the wall behind me. He asked me in a low voice that I couldnt resist, “Tell me now, are you jealous”

“I, uh, I want to take a shower too.” I awkwardly changed the topic and avoided talking about how I acted like a jealous woman just now. “You brought me here in such a hurry that I dont even have a change of clothes.”

“Ill have it all ready for you tomorrow. Can you wear this for tonight”

I nodded. After knowing that this was Michaels sisters dress, I was more okay with it.

But after I washed up and changed into it, I realized a new problem. It was too big for me. The rest was just a little loose, but the chest area lacked the necessary support and could only hang loosely. This made me feel depressed, and the dress made me look very unfeminine.

I came out of the bathroom uneasily and saw Michael lying on the bed. The blanket was around his waist, half-leaning on the headboard, his entire upper body exposed. I carefully climbed onto the bed from the other side, trying to be as gentle as possible so as not to startle him, but that was impossible. He stared at me like a beast, and I still instinctively shivered even though I knew he wouldnt do anything to me.

“Why are you always so afraid of me” Michael grumbled unhappily.

He reached out and pulled me into his arms. I rested my head on his chest. My hair was still a little wet, but Michael didnt care. The position made my clothes slide down a little, and I did not doubt that Michael could see my breasts from that angle. I tried to pull my clothes up a little or change the position, but Michael stopped me.

“Dont move. Youre so beautiful,” he said in a low, throaty voice.

I felt something pushing against me again, and I didnt dare move again. I didnt dare to lean completely on Michael, so I could only stiffly maintain this uncomfortable position. I heard him sigh behind me. He slid into the blanket with his arm around me. The quilt and the bed sheet were of the same silk texture. It was slippery. It was the most intimate texture. I felt as if I was a fish sliding into the sea.

“Go to sleep. Good night.”

Michael was pressed against my back. I could feel the heat from his body through the thin pajamas I was wearing. His arms and legs were on top of me, and I felt like a large doll in his arms. I thought I wouldnt be able to adapt, but Michaels embrace was warm, and the smell of his body was surprisingly reassuring. I quickly fell asleep.

“Good night,” I replied in a daze.

The following day, I opened my eyes and saw Michael next to me. I wanted to get out of bed and take out my phone to see what time it was, but before I could get up, I felt a strong arm pull me back into the sheets.

“Where are you going” Michael said with a nasal voice. I turned to look at him, but his eyes were still closed. My evaluation of him yesterday was indeed correct. Sometimes, he would be childish, such as now, when he was lazing around in bed.

“I want to check the time. I have class at 11 oclock today,” I said softly.

Michael suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were clear, and there was no sleepiness in them. Alright, he might want to cuddle with me.

“I dont want you to go.”

I looked at him helplessly. “Ive already stayed here the entire night. You know that I have to go back eventually.”

“Alright, then Ill go with you.” Michael scratched his head impatiently and compromised.

“No.” I would be crazy to let a prince go to class with me!

“Youll cause a stir. Let me live a normal university life, alright, Michael” I softened my tone. “You must have other things to deal with. Well live our own lives during the day. I promise Ill be back at night.”

“I do have other things to do too.” Michael thought for a moment. “Alright, Ive thought of a way.”

Michael asked somewhat reluctantly, “But, how will you repay me”

I had to ask for someone elses consent just to attend classes. This was already ridiculous enough. Yet, I had to repay him for allowing me to go I could only say, “What do you want me to do”

“I want a kiss from you.”

Michael looked at me intently and made his offer.-

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