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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 21

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After we finished breakfast, Michael and the other person at the table left.

Before leaving, Michael gave me a warning look, but I ignored him and secretly gave him the middle finger under the table. He was such a control freak!

When I first arrived at the table, I noticed the man sitting next to her earlier than Sasha. He was dressed in black from head to toe, with a black hat, a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

He wore a black headset on his head and a black mask, and it was hard not to notice him in the dining room when he was clothed in black. The plate in front of him was empty, and he didnt look like he was here to eat. He looked more like a performance artist.

I felt a pat on my shoulder. When I turned around, Sasha was looking at me curiously.

“Why are you staring at Samuel”

For a moment, I didnt know who Samuel was. I stared at Sasha in a daze.

“Did Michael not satisfy you last night Are you already changing your mind”

Sasha hugged my shoulder and said with a mischievous smile.

Sasha looked like a friendly person, just like Kate. I sighed in my heart. Why was it that the people I met recently were always like this I shrunk my neck in discomfort and denied it.

“I am not.”

“Thats true. You dont have too much of Michaels scent on you.”

Sasha sniffed my neck, released her arm that was hugging me, and said casually.

“Dont even think about Samuel. He has a cold personality. I havent seen him bring a girl home in all these years.” Sasha added after some thought, “Not even a boy. I dont know how he got through all these years.”

No matter how slow I was, I realized that she was talking about was the performance artist I had noticed initially. I looked at Sasha strangely, increasingly confused about her relationship with these people. She seemed to know both Michael and Samuel very well, not just as friends, but in a way that didnt sound like a relationship.

“And Michael is so jealous of you that hes wary of me. Youd better not get too close to other men.”

Sasha winked at me mischievously again, and I looked at her speechlessly.

The housekeeper had come up to pick up the dishes wed just used, and I looked at the time. We should be going.

Suddenly, I remembered something.

Yesterday, Michael had taken me straight from the succession ceremony. I was still wearing my ceremonial dress, and everything I had with me, except my cell phone, was in Kates car. I didnt expect to leave like this. My computer and textbooks were still in my dormitory.

If I was going to class today, I needed to get my things first. I sincerely hoped that Kate wouldnt be too surprised and forget to bring my things back.

“Sasha… ” I said, “When we get to school, could you please send me to my dormitory first I need to get some things.”

Before Sasha could speak, the butler had already walked over and handed over a school bag. “Miss Cecily, his Highness has already ordered your things to be brought over. Can you please check if anything is missing”

I took the school bag and realized that they were the textbooks I needed for class today.

I looked at the butler in surprise and asked, “When did you get this”

“Last night,” the butler replied. “These are not all. We have also been ordered to pack up the other things you brought along with you. If you have any additional needs, you can tell me.”

“Other things… What are they” I suddenly felt that this was beyond what I had imagined.

“Your clothes, luggage, and many smaller stuff have all been brought over. I was just about to ask you. Do you want those things to be placed in the bedroom, or do you want me to help you pack them up first”

“What!” I said in shock.

Michael moved my things here without my permission. According to the butler, my dormitory was now empty. How could Michael decide without asking for my opinion

The butler was also surprised when he saw my reaction and said, “Didnt the prince inform you We moved these things from your room overnight,” the butler said carefully. “Do you still want to go back to your dormitory”

“Michael wont agree to that,” Sasha interrupted.

I knew she was right, but I still felt offended.

“Well, youre going to move in any way. Michaels doing this will save you a lot of trouble, right” Sasha tried to smooth things over.

“Ill be late for class if you dont leave now. Come, get in my car. I have the best car. I didnt even give it to Michael when he wanted it.”

Sasha took the bag from the butler and dragged me out the door.-

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