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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 22

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Sasha pulled me into the backyard, and she wasnt lying. She had a great car.

Even though I was a little uncomfortable with what Michael was doing, I was immediately entranced by the car.

It was a rare dark green sports car. Sasha had decorated it. It was smooth and metallic under the sun. The finish was unique, showing different colors at different angles depending on the light.

The rims of the tires were specially made to match the color of the car. The hood was painted olive green, and the rear-view mirrors poked out like antennae, making the car look cute.

I curiously followed Sasha into the car. The interior was decorated in dark green and yellow vine colors. The leather seats were equipped with a complete set of top-notch sound systems, and unexpectedly, the car had a very high degree of comfort.

“How is it Awesome, right” Sasha smiled at me proudly. “I took a liking to this car at first sight. All the configurations are the best.”

I sat in the car and curiously touched the interior of the car. I agreed. “This is really not bad.”

Sasha stepped on the accelerator. A roar sounded. I was caught off guard as the car shot forward like an arrow released from its bow.

I quickly grabbed the handle and looked at Sasha in shock. Sasha grinned at me and opened the window. As the cool wind flowed into the car, I felt much better.

It was my first time in a sports car, and it wasnt a bad experience. If I had been with Michael, I would have been able to live like this forever. I felt like I understood why so many people were attracted to the royal Lycan with this possibility in mind.

The quality of life was obvious. Breakfast was served when you got up. Everything in your life was taken care of by a housekeeper, and all you had to give away was a little bit of freedom. I didnt know how many girls had been moved by this, but I was certainly not one of them.

I turned to Sasha driving next to me and wondered who she was again.

With this enjoyment of life and Sashas attitude toward Michael as an equal, Sasha couldnt be an ordinary Lycan. I couldnt help but guess. Was Sasha a princess, too

This thought frightened me. As the Lycan prince, Michael already made me tremble in fear. If Sasha was also a princess, how should I behave to get along with Sasha However, Sashas behavior wasnt as overbearing as Michaels. Thinking of this, I started to hesitate.

“Do you always like to stare at others like this” Sasha suddenly asked.

I realized that I had been staring at her for too long.

*Cough cough*

I awkwardly cleared my throat and continued, “I was just thinking…” I stopped talking and looked at Sasha again.

Sasha and I had just met this morning, and it had only been an hour or two since then. Wouldnt it be too presumptuous of me to ask her about her identity directly

But Sasha seemed to have read my thoughts. She smiled and said, “Are you curious about me”

I nodded.

“Ive known Michael since we were very young, but dont worry. We never had that kind of relationship.” Sasha shrugged. “We played together when we were young, but we became increasingly at odds with each other as we grew up. But were still friends. Doesnt that sound a little strange”

I hesitated, shook my head, and said, “Friendships run deeper than what the eyes can see.”

“Youre right. Ive never liked Michael, and neither has he liked me that way. Our ways of doing things arent quite the same, but Im really happy that he found you as his mate. Lycans have a longer lifespan, so finding a mate isnt an easy thing. Many people are over a century old but still cant find their mate. Theyll always feel that something is missing in their lives. You probably wont be able to experience that at your age,” Sasha said.

“Over a century old” I repeated in surprise.

Sasha giggled because of my expression. “Is it hard to understand A Lycans life expectancy is generally over three hundred years old, and those who live longer can live up to five hundred years old. We will only begin to age after 250 years old. Before that, we will always look like we are in our twenties or thirties.”

I had known nothing about the royal Lycan before, and neither did I know that their life expectancy was so long. As werewolves, we have a lifespan a little longer than ordinary people. But at most, we live up to around 150 years old. Three hundred years was twice our life expectancy.

I immediately thought of another question and asked, “So, how old is Michael now”

“Michael Hes a little older than me. He shouldnt be more than a hundred years old,” Sasha said.

A hundred years old!

I was stunned that Michael was older than my parents.

I was only eighteen years old. It felt like I was a mate to an old man, and Michael might even still be alive when I died.

“What Are you starting to regret being with Michael because of his age” Sasha teased.

“I regretted it since yesterday,” I muttered.-

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