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“Hahahahaha!” Sasha laughed loudly. “At Michaels age, he is considered a young man among the royal Lycan family. This is not considered a loss for you. Moreover, Michael will live longer than an ordinary Lycan as a prince. He is still…”

Sasha seemed to have thought of something and stopped talking. She picked her words carefully. “Our current Lycan king has been in power for two centuries. Hes over five hundred years old, and hes still full of energy. Two years ago, he almost gave Michael a younger brother. You dont have to worry about the future at all. Michael is very energetic.” Sasha winked at me as if she was hinting at something.

“I think Ill die before him,” I muttered.

“If youre mates and mark each other, then no.”

“Why not”

“I shouldnt be the one to tell you this. You can ask Michael,” Sasha said.

“Okay,” I said before I remembered something else. “You said you were about Michaels age, so why are you going to college with me”

“Well, because I didnt go to college.”

What kind of reason was that I looked at Sasha in confusion, but Sasha was already parking the car.

I looked out the window and saw that we had already arrived at the school. The students who were preparing to go to class were walking everywhere. Some people looked at our car. I realized how cool I was showing up. I was in a supercar and went to class with a royal Lycan.

Sasha had already gotten out of the car, so I had no choice but to follow her. I grabbed the bag that the butler had given me.

Sasha looked down at her phone to check her class schedule and said, “My classroom is over here. Wheres yours”

I pointed in a direction.

“So, we wont be going the same way. Well split up here. Ill still be here after school in the afternoon. Ill pick you up.” Sasha looked at me and asked, “Can you go to class yourself”

Sashas way of treating me like a child made me feel ashamed. She had been talking to me as someone my age. But when I thought about her age… in other words, it was a peculiar feeling.

“Im fine,” I replied.

“Okay, see you in the afternoon.” Sasha waved at me and turned to leave. After taking a few steps, she turned back and said to me, “Dont think about wandering around. Michael has a bad temper. If he knew that you were lost while with me, both of us would suffer.”

I nodded to show that I understood. Only then did Sasha leave me in peace.

I stood where I was and let out a long exhale. Looking at the people who came and went around me, I finally felt like I was in a life that I was familiar with.

I hurried to the classroom, and I felt people looking at me along the way.

It was strange that they werent looking at me with admiration. Mostly they were prying eyes and filled with a bit of hostility. I didnt know how many people knew what had happened last night, but it wasnt something I could control.

I quickened my pace, trying to put those hostile gazes behind me.

Just as I was about to step into the classroom, I heard someone call my name.


Everyone looked at me.

I had to turn around and, as expected, I saw Kate.

Kate ran over and gave me a big hug. I patted her on the back. She quickly let go of me and gave me a surprised smile. “I didnt expect you to come back today. I thought the prince would…”

I quickly covered her mouth. I didnt want to hear her ask me any embarrassing questions. Kate pulled my hand away and looked at me, puzzled.

Before she could speak again, I pulled her into the classroom. Although there were already many people in the classroom, it was still better than being surrounded by people in the hallway.

“Alright, what do you want to say Say it now.” I pulled Kate to a seat and whispered.

“How were you yesterday You suddenly left with the Lycan Prince. What did you do last night” Kate mirrored me as she lowered her voice.

“We didnt do anything,” I said helplessly.

I saw the disbelief in Kates eyes and could only explain. “My wolf cant accept Michael now. I still need some time.”

Kate looked at me blankly as she said, “How can you not accept it Arent you two mates Oh right, theres Robert in the picture, too. Whats going on between you and him He claimed that you were his mate yesterday, too. How can you be a mate with both of them One of them is the Alphas son, and the other is a prince!”

Kate bombarded me with questions, one after another. I didnt know where to start, so I could only say, “I cant explain this simply. In short, everything is what you saw yesterday. I said yesterday that I have nothing to do with Robert anymore.”-

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