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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 24

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“What about Michael” Kate asked. “How do you feel about him”

Kates question reminded me of Michael kissing me last night.

It was the first kiss of my life and the best experience Ive ever had.

When Michael kissed me, every cell in my body was screaming for him, and it made me feel like I wasnt even myself. It was an unprecedented, novel, out-of-control experience.

I was even afraid of it. My biological instincts urged me to transform into a beast to have sex with him, but I wasnt mentally prepared.

“Hes not bad,” I said vaguely.

“Come on,” Kate said, looking at my expression. “Something must have happened between you two. Hurry up and tell me the truth!”

Kate was observant in this aspect. I was thinking about avoiding this topic. Thankfully, I saw the teacher walk in from outside the door. I turned the conversation around and said thoughtfully, “Shh, its almost time for class.”

Kate shut her mouth sulkily and gestured at me with her mouth to say that she wouldnt let me off. I pretended not to see her as I took my textbook out of my bag and focused on the teacher at the podium.

After class, I saw the look in Kates eyes and knew that she wouldnt let go of the chance to gossip about me.

I sighed and raised my hand in surrender. “I promise Ill tell you everything, but lets go eat first, okay Im so hungry now.”

Breakfast at Michaels was good this morning, and I ate a lot. But for some reason, I still felt hungry, and I desperately needed food to fill my stomach.

Kate looked at me and nodded condescendingly.

We ordered sandwiches and coffee at the shop we knew well. I ordered a caramel macchiato. I felt like I needed more sugar to replenish myself. Kate ordered a latte.

Kate suggested we take it back to the dorm, so we brought the coffee and sandwiches to the dorm. On the way, Kate couldnt help but ask me about the topic she wanted to delve into earlier.

“What do you want to know” I sighed again. “Do you want to ask Robert or Michael”

“None of that matters. I only care about the most important thing,” Kate said.

“What is it” I asked.

“What did you and Michael do yesterday” Kate stared at my face and sized me up, “When I saw you in the morning, I felt that you looked radiant. Also, that hesitant attitude of yours. Yesterday, the Lycan prince brought you back. Did you two get into a passionate entanglement”

“We didnt!” I denied.

Kate looked at me in disbelief.

“Uh, okay, we kissed,” I said.

“Only kissed” Kate was a little disappointed.

“Maybe Michael wanted to do something further.” I hesitated, then continued, “But my wolf couldnt do it. It was hurt before, and its more resistant to the scent of the opposite sex.”

We arrived at the dormitory. Kate opened the door, and we sat down for coffee and lunch.

“Are you also resistant to the scent of your mate Come on now. You guys didnt do anything other than kissing” Kate asked, unsatisfied with my answer as she chewed on her sandwich. “I mean, hes a Lycan prince. Did you guys lie on the same bed for an entire night without doing anything There must be some kissing and touching. Is his penis massive, and did you guys go at it for a long time”

I started to feel annoyed by Kates questioning. I had already told her that nothing had happened, so why was she still unwilling to let it go

Even though I knew that she was just curious and didnt have any other ill intentions, her questions made me feel that she coveted my mate. I had a feeling that my territory had been violated.

This feeling was very strange. I was never territorial as I should be, but my possessiveness toward Michael seemed natural.

“Kate, I dont know,” I said impatiently.

“Cecily, tell me. After one night, I feel like youve become much more comfortable,” Kate said as she cupped my face with her hand. “Look at yourself. You look even more beautiful. Your skin looks more delicate, your eyes are brighter, and your hair looks silky.”

“Youre exaggerating, Kate,” I said helplessly. “I havent changed at all. Im still the same as yesterday.”

“You smell different too.” Kate sniffed the air a few times. “This must be the scent the Lycan prince left on you.”

I leaned back on the chair and watched her continue. She poked at my sides, and I was tickled and couldnt help but laugh.

“Stop fooling around, Kate.”

Kate suddenly moved closer to me and stared at my neck. She seemed to notice something and made a fuss out of nothing. “Look, is this a hickey”


I blushed and pushed away Kates face. I lowered my head and tried to look, but I couldnt see my neck. I didnt remember Michael kissing here. I picked up my phone and looked at my neck using the reflection on the screen. There was nothing there. I looked up at Kate. She had a wicked smile on.

“Okay, youre teasing me!” I pounced on Kate.

“Why are you so nervous If nothing happened, then theres nothing there.”

Kate smiled and moved away. For a moment, we were ourselves again, and I felt much better.-

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