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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 25

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After a while, both of us stopped. We were lying on Kates bed. Kate blinked at me. I was gasping for breath when I heard her say, “But, to be honest, you look different.”

“How” I looked at her in surprise. I couldnt have seen any changes in a day.

“Your aura is different,” Kate said. “You were beautiful before, but now you look a little like the royal Lycans.”

I didnt expect to hear such a comment from Kate. I thought and said, “Perhaps Michaels aura has affected me. The people living there are all the royal Lycans. What you feel is probably their aura.”

“They are them, but you are you. When you are with them, there will also be changes in you. Its just that you cant feel it yourself, but others can feel the changes in you, even if it has just been one night.”

Kate paused and said, “Im happy for you that you and the Lycan prince can be together. As a friend, Im very happy to see that your future is set, and you will be happy.”

“Thank you, Kate.”

Hearing Kates words, I felt very touched. Although I didnt like what she had asked before, she was a friend who treated me sincerely.

“But if you can be part of the royal Lycan family, I guess Robert and even the Alpha will have to bow before you. Its incredible just thinking about it,” Kate said with a smile.

Her mentioning Robert made me nervous. After what Robert had done to me, I somehow felt that he wouldnt let it go.

“What happened after I left yesterday” I asked.

“You were the one had most of yesterdays limelight. What else could have happened The Lycan prince took you away and said those things in the public. The ceremony was cut short immediately. But when the Alpha came out to announce it, he looked angry and livid. The Luna and Robert didnt look well either, especially Robert, who looked particularly dispirited. What did you say when you went in Did the Lycan prince beat Robert up” Kate asked curiously.

If it were just a beating, it would have made things easier. The thing was, I didnt know how Michael would treat Robert, but one thing was obvious: Michael didnt like Robert very much.

“Everyone is talking about this now, and there are all kinds of assumptions. For a friends sake, can you tell me something” Kate held my shoulders.

I remembered how everyone had treated me when I was going to class, and I couldnt help but feel a headache coming on. In the current situation, even if Michael didnt object, I couldnt live a peaceful school life.

“Its not that I dont want to tell you. Its just that it wasnt something honorable…”

Facing Kates probing gaze, I told her everything that had happened. Kates eyes gradually widened as I told her the story.

“So, some of speculations are true. Robert, that sc*mbag! I cant believe you havent mentioned anything to me.”

“If it werent for Michaels appearance, everyone would have laughed at me when they found out about my past, having been rejected by my mate. Now, people think that its Roberts fault only because Michael is the Lycan prince.”

I turned around and faced Kate. “If I were rejected by Michael one day, the public opinions would turn to the other side.”

“Dont say that. Its part of your charm to get them to accept you as their mate. From the way the Lycan prince look at you yesterday, he definitely wont let you go.”

Kate sat up and shook my hand encouragingly. “Someone like Robert should be taught a lesson. Next time I see him, Ill definitely beat him up.”

Kate hooked two fists in the air as if she was really beating Robert.

I was amused and said, “You wouldnt do that.”

“I wouldnt, but I can ask my boyfriend to do it.”

“You wouldnt do that either.”

“Then, Ill ask your Lycan prince to beat him up.”

“Im afraid that Robert will just die when Michael arrives.”

I thought of Michaels vicious expression when he mentioned Robert yesterday. I suspected that he would really do such a thing.

The royal Lycan family seemed to have a completely different value system than ours. Sometimes, I felt that the lives of ordinary werewolves were nothing in their eyes.

“Theres still a rumor regarding Robert that I am not sure about, but after hearing you say all these, I feel that its very likely to be true,” Kate said as she stood up and changed into her afternoon class clothes.

“What rumor” I played with my hat absentmindedly.

“They said that the Alpha isnt happy with Robert, and its very likely that he wont let Robert succeed him. Theres also another theory…” Kate hesitated.

“What else”

“Theres also the rumor that the Lycan prince is adding fuel to the fire and wants to kill Robert. To save Roberts life, the Alpha can only agree to the Lycan princes conditions and suspend the succession ceremony.”

“Huh” I asked doubtfully.-

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