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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 26

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Kate saw my expression and quickly waved her hand. “I dont think the Lycan prince is that kind of person. I just heard it from rumors.”

“Michael wouldnt do such a thing. He would probably just rush over and kill Robert.” I shook my head.

Although I didnt have any contact with him, I could feel that he was a straightforward person who didnt like trouble. Not to mention, with his status, how could the packs Alpha be able to stop him from doing anything to Robert

Kate laughed dryly and looked at me. “Are you still going to class this afternoon”

I sat on the bed and thought about the gazes I saw in the morning, then I shook my head.

“I think Ive overestimated myself. Im not ready to face these rumors. I should stay at home and wait for them to calm down before coming back.”

“Rumors will never calm down unless you deal with them face to face.” Kate pointed this out.

I knew she was right. I would have to face them sooner or later, but not now.

I needed some time to do some mental preparation.

“Its okay. If anyone dares to say anything to you, Ill tear their mouths open.” Kate made a gesture as if she was tearing something.

“Violence isnt the solution.”

“Yeah, but its worth it for a friend.”

“Thank you, Kate.”

This was the second time Id thanked Kate today. But at a time like this, it was really rare to have a friend willing to stand by your side and speak up for you. I didnt know what other words could express my feelings.

“Are you sure you dont want to go to class” Kate asked by the door, already dressed.

“I think Ill go home this afternoon. My parents are probably worried, too,” I said.

I had just thought of this. Michael had asked me to go home right after class, and Sasha said shed be there at four to pick me up. I didnt want to ruin our trust on the first day, so I had to meet my parents now.

“Alright, Ill be in touch.”

I dialed my mothers number from the bed.

The things I left in the dormitory had been moved away, just like the butler had said. There was only a lonely bed left. I touched the headboard of the bed. A month ago, when I had just moved here, I had thought that I would live here for four years. Now, the world was changing.

The phone only rang less than three times before it was picked up. I heard my mothers familiar voice from the other end.

“Cecily, my dear You finally called me.”

“Im sorry, Mother. I didnt have time to look at my phone yesterday. I went to class this morning and only remembered now,” I said apologetically.

“Its okay, baby. Thank the Moon Goddess. Youre still fine. Your father and I were scared yesterday. You said you went to class in the morning. Are you at the college now”

“Yes, I am.”

“You, werent you…” my mothers voice was filled with worry.

I guessed what she was going to ask.

“Yes, I went back with Michael yesterday. But this morning, he asked someone to send me back to school because I have classes in the morning. Dont worry. Im fine, Mom. Are you and Dad at home Ill go back now.”

“Were at home. You take care of yourself.”

“No problem. See you later.”

I hung up the phone and ran home.

My home was not far from the school because Robert chose this school. The Alpha wanted Roberts school to be closer to the pack so that it would be convenient for him to come back and deal with the packs affairs if needed.

Although this was once something I regretted, it helped me, allowing me to go home faster and come back again without being discovered by Michael. I took on my wolf form and started running to get me out of school faster.

Mias fur was grayish-black, the most common of wolves.

But she didnt look as thin as before. I dont know if it was my imagination, but I thought she was getting bigger. Her fur was smoother than before. As I ran, I felt the wind in my ears. The trees around me shot by like arrows, blurred in action.

My steps were stronger and faster. My sense of my surroundings became sharper, and if any stranger tried to approach me now, I would be able to detect the persons presence immediately.

This feeling of being free in the wind made me feel happy, and nature always had magical power.-

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