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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 29

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My movements made a noise, and I looked up to see disapproval in my parents eyes.

Being respectful and serious in front of the royal Lycans was a rite of passage for most werewolves, not to mention that Michael was a Lycan prince, and it was disrespectful of me to do so in front of him.

I had to sit back and look away, trying to ignore Michaels touch. I saw Michaels smile growing wider, and I felt very uncomfortable.

Michael put his hand lightly on my shoulder and pulled me to lean into his arms. I had to obey him, and I felt uncomfortable being under his control.

Speaking of which, I hadnt followed the protocol of the royal Lycan family since I met Michael yesterday, but Michael didnt blame me for it. Instead, he acted as if he did. I was sure he was here on purpose to claim sovereignty over me.

At the thought of this, I felt even angrier.

Why did he have to insist on this in front of my parents Was this to humiliate me or humiliate my parents For whatever reason, it was embarrassing for me.

I was saying nice things about him in front of my parents earlier, and maybe my parents thought it was natural for me to submit to a Lycan prince. But I wanted to be on equal footing with my mate, no matter who he was or what kind of status he had.

Id rather not have a mate if I couldnt do that.

I lowered my head. Michael couldnt see my expression. I heard his voice coming from above my head.

“This is my first time visiting you. I didnt prepare any decent gifts for you. I just brought some small gifts. I hope that youll accept them.”

Michael waved his hand. A few men in black came forward and opened the boxes in their hands.

My parents and I were surprised. The two boxes were filled with US dollars, and one of them was filled with all kinds of gold and silver jewelry pieces.

With these peoples clothes and expressionless faces, this place looked more like a scene of a mafia transaction.

“Your Highness, this…”

“Just call me Michael. This was all prepared in a hurry. Please dont be shy.”

Michael smiled and put his arm around my waist. “I was so mad at that kid yesterday that I didnt even have the chance to introduce myself to you before leaving with her. Im sorry.”

“Dont say that, Your Highness. With your status, its only reasonable for us to call you Your Highness. How can we directly address you by your name” my father said.

“But you are Cecilys parents, and Cecily is my mate. So, you are my parents. As elders, you should call me by my name. My parents taught me the same thing,” Michael said.

These words made my parents even more fearful, my mother hurriedly said, “How can we be compared to the honorable Lycan King and his wife And these gifts are too expensive. We cant accept them. Your Highness, please take them back.”

I saw Michael frown. “If I mark Cecily in the future, we will be a family. Yet, you are unwilling to call me by my name and accept my gifts. Are you unwilling to let Cecily be with me”

When he said this, his aura got heavier. I felt the atmosphere dull and quickly tugged on Michaels sleeve. I didnt want him to threaten my parents.

Michael snorted and pushed my hand away. I lowered my head in embarrassment.

I was overestimating myself. How could I even begin to think that I could control Michael He was already angry with me. Everything he did now was to show me that I couldnt escape his control. He wanted to force my parents to approve of our relationship and then take me away; he wanted me to rely on him to survive.

“We didnt mean that,” my father said.

I knew that my parents couldnt resist Michaels persuasion. Michaels plan had succeeded. But he was bullying me. I liked Michael, but I hated him for doing this.

“But…” my father looked at me and said, “Well respect Cecilys opinion on this matter.”

I looked at my father in surprise. He gave me a reassuring smile and said, “Cecily is my only daughter. What I hope for the most is for her to be happy. As long as she is willing to be with you, we will not stop her.”

I saw my mother put her arm around my fathers and nod as he spoke.

Michaels expression changed a little when he heard what my father said. He sat up and looked at my father solemnly. “Are you sure you dont want anything”

My parents nodded.-

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