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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 3

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I had never seen such an expression on Roberts face. He had always been cheerful, confident, and polite. Even on the field, when all the boys blood was boiling, I had never seen him lose his temper.

I had never even thought he would have such a side to him.

I let go of my hand embarrassedly and looked at him helplessly.

“I didnt expect it to be you.” Roberts voice was filled with disdain. “A person like you is my mate”

“You… You knew it was me”

I couldnt believe what I heard from his words.

“I felt it when I became an adult.”

Robert snorted coldly. He leaned against the wall with his hands crossed over his chest. His words were filled with arrogance and disdain.

I felt as if his perfect image in my mind had been shattered. His contempt and disdain for me and his harsh and discriminatory words against me were nothing like the ease he had acted before. Could it be that this was the real him, that all the good qualities he had displayed before were just illusions

I was frozen in place, reeling from such a massive fall from grace that it was difficult to recover.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from the other side of the corridor.

I saw Roberts expression change. Before I could react, I saw Robert grab my clothes with a look of disgust. He used his other hand to cover my mouth, opened the door of the mens room, and stuffed me inside. He followed me in and locked the door behind him. He glared at me fiercely, indicating for me not to make a sound.

I heard footsteps approaching from outside.

“Did you see her come over just now”

This voice belonged to the person who called out to me yesterday. His voice was very rough and easy to recognize.

“I saw her.”

“Thats strange. How did she disappear”

Then came the sound of two peoples footsteps.

“Did she slip away”

“F*ck, she slipped away quite quickly,” the rough male voice said. “I was planning to play with her. The way she acted yesterday made me angry just by looking at her.”

I was terrified. I couldnt help but look at Robert, afraid that he would push me out. But Robert just frowned.

“You wanted to play with her”

“F*ck, dont jinx me. Who would have the appetite to do that after seeing her I want to teach her a lesson.”

I had to listen to this insult, but I didnt even dare to breathe.

I saw Roberts expression become even uglier. Was he angry because of what others had said about me After all, I was his mate. Everyone said, ” A mate is the Moon Goddesss plan.” Two people, who are fated to be mates, will fall in love and never betray each other. He should be able to sense our attraction to each other, just as I couldnt help but want to be with him now that we were close.

The two people outside the door said something, and the footsteps faded.

I heard that they had left. I looked at Robert and asked softly, “Why are you doing this”


“Why did you drag me in just now”

I couldnt believe that I was still hoping. Was he trying to protect me earlier

Although he loathed me and looked down on me, he still had the instinct to love me as a mate. We still had a chance to be together.

“I dont want others to see us together.”

Robert mercilessly broke my last hope.

He pulled me in because he didnt want others to see him. His ugly expression was also because he felt that being my mate was insulting him. He didnt have any concern or sympathy for my situation.

I saw this person now. He was utterly selfish and arrogant. He didnt care about anyone elses feelings. He didnt even think that we were equal. He felt that he was superior to people like me. Hanging out with me would only lower his status! Why did I ever like such a person

“You wont become my mate. Lets pretend that todays incident didnt happen. Watch your mouth when youre out there. Dont say anything you shouldnt say!” Robert threatened me.

His tall figure shadowed me. I was afraid of it.

“Yes, I will,” I said, trying to hold back my sobs.

Robert turned and left, leaving me leaning weakly against the wall.

The cold tiles seemed to have soaked through my skin. I felt a chill from the inside out.

I couldnt speak. My wolf was howling because of Roberts rejection. She was one with me. I could completely feel the pain and suffering. Plus, deep down, I felt like my past feelings werent worth it.

Robert was such a terrible person. No amount of talent, power, or status could change that.

Why did I like him!

Why was he my mate

When I got back that day, I was very sick.

I didnt even get to go to my graduation ceremony, which was supposed to be the most important day of my high school life. And while I was lying in bed, devastated, I heard that Robert and Alison had marked each other at graduation.-

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