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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 34

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Michaels heavy body pressed against mine. My chest was pressed against his. His body was boiling hot. My skin that was in contact with him seemed to burn. I felt humiliated and ashamed at the same time. He looked at me angrily. I looked him in the eye and was intimidated by the light in his eyes.

Michael said, “You are my mate now. You are mine. I deserve to do whatever I want to you! I have indulged you enough. Since you still think I am too nice, I will show you how far I can go.”

Michael licked his lips and explored my body with his eyes. I felt as if all the clothes on my body had disappeared. I had nowhere to hide in front of him.

“My wolf cant wait any longer,” Michael said. “Hes been pushing me since the moment he saw you. Ive been pushing back at him. If you think this is all for nothing, then why should I Its time for you to meet him.”

Michael came closer to my face. His breath was brushing my face. I could see the fine hairs on his face. His lashes fluttered like two small brushes. His movements tickled me. My breathing quickened as he moved closer. My heart rate increased.

I tried to raise my hand, but Michael grabbed it quickly. He glanced down at me and stepped back. He raised both my hands and held them easily over my head. My legs were pinned under him. I was in a position where my limbs were completely under his control. I was like a prey he had captured. Other than exposing my fragile neck and waiting for him to attack, there was nothing else I could do.

“Do you want to escape” Michael tore open my front lapels and teased.

“What did you say earlierYou arrogant b*stard. Youre an arrogant b*stard”

Michael sarcastically imitated my tone and smiled maliciously. “Thats right, I am. Now, guess what this b*stard is going to do to you”

Michael put his fingers in my hair, and I felt a sharp pain in my scalp. His hand went down the back of my head, to the back of my neck, and pressed gently and heavily at the same time.

I tried to turn my head away, trying to stop him, but he increased his strength to make me yield. From my angle, I could only see Michaels eyes, which seemed to be shining with golden light. His aura became increasingly terrifying.

“No, dont,” I pleaded in vain.

Michael was gnawing at my neck. I felt a sharp pain on my neck, but the pain was nothing compared to the horror of Michael himself. I felt as if he wanted to swallow me.

His sharp teeth were pressed against the back of my neck. As soon as he pierced my skin, he would successfully mark me. Every inch of my skin trembled. I felt every nerve tightening. Mia trembled inside me. She was scared and weak.

I tried my best to push Michael away, but I couldnt. I was so weak and helpless before him. I couldnt even really control my body. I thought desperately that Michael was right. He could do anything he wanted, and I could do nothing about it.

“Dont be afraid, my little wolf. Ill be gentle. It wont hurt a bit. Dont struggle, okay” Michael said in a charming voice in my ear.

Should I Just follow what Michael said, accept his mark, and be his true partner There was a voice in my heart urging me to say yes. I did want that. Of course, I wanted to be with Michael. He was so strong and so charming.

But another, more powerful voice was holding me back. No, no. I wasnt ready. I would be torn apart by such conflicting forces. I needed more time. Mia needed more time.

But Michael had no patience for me to get ready. His teeth had begun to pierce the skin on the back of my neck. The ultimate pull of flesh and soul had destroyed me.

I looked at Michael in despair, tears streaming from my eyes onto the bed. “No! No!” I screamed in agony.

For a moment, I thought Michael had marked me.

But the expected pain didnt come. I turned my head in the fog of tears and saw Michaels expressionless face. His sharp teeth were still dangerously lodged in the back of my neck. He had no intention of moving forward or leaving. He was there, still like a statue.

I didnt understand what was going on or what Michael was planning, but I was still caught up in the panic he had caused me. We looked at each other in silence, and I was still terrified.-

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