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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 35

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Michael reached out to touch the tears on my face and let them fill his palm.

My gaze moved along with his palm. I felt like I was his cat or dog, but his aura earlier really intimidated me. I didnt even have the slightest thought of resisting his actions. I could only surrender.

“It seems that you can be obedient as well,” Michael said. He finally withdrew his teeth, which were extremely threatening to me. I was slightly relieved, but I still felt nervous about him.

Michael said, “I told your parents that I wouldnt let you get hurt. I always keep my promise. Unlike some people, not keeping their promises.”

I pretended not to hear the sarcasm in his voice and rubbed the back of my neck.

“If I were really the person you claim I was, I wouldnt have stopped,” Michael continued. “Im not that b*stard. Do you understand”

‘But that doesnt make you a good person, I thought.

Michael reached out and pinched my chin. I was forced to look up. “I know what youre thinking,” he said. “You dont think Im a gentleman. But I dont have to be.

“You belong to me. All my tolerance for your actions is my mercy. So, Im asking you not to go anywhere without my permission before you have my mark on your neck. Do you understand”

I glared at him. I had never seen anyone take such things for granted. He was shameless.

“Dont look at me like that, baby. I wont be able to resist biting your neck.” Michaels gaze lingered on my neck. “If I were you, I would protect the back of my neck to prevent someone from biting me.”

“You just said that you wouldnt do that,” I retorted.

“Thats right.” Michael sighed. “I want to kill that scum who hurt you. Will the problem between us be easier to resolve if he dies”

Michael wanted to kill Robert! This was not the first time Michael voiced such thoughts. But this time, Michael was obviously much more serious than the last time. He was not joking; he was thinking about it.

I thought about what he said about my parents being the Alpha and Luna. Was this also his idea Getting rid of the current Alpha heir meant our pack would need a new Alpha, which meant there would be room for my parents.

I looked at Michael incredulously, and he smiled at me with a sly glint in his eyes.

Michael said, “But he cant just disappear. Hes still important. I should think of a way to get rid of him without anyone knowing, dont you think”

Michael sounded like he was only casually talking to me, completely unaware of how terrifying and strange it was to discuss a persons life and death like this.

Moreover, the person he was talking about was technically my packs Alpha. Although our Alpha John was angry with Robert now, he was still the heir he had groomed. It was very likely that he would take over the pack from his father.

“You cant do that,” I said weakly. “You cant hurt Robert.”

I had never thought that I would say such things one day. I was pleading for mercy on Roberts behalf. I was the one who wanted him to die.

However, on the other hand, I couldnt watch Robert die. I couldnt even watch my current mate kill Robert, for my sake.

Michaels eyes lit up dangerously because of what I said. Werewolves eyes would light up when they were agitated, such as when they transformed or felt threatened. Usually, the color of the eyes was the color of our wolf eyes.

Id seen all kinds of eyes that lit up, but none of them were golden like Michaels. Moreover, when his eyes lit up, he always made me feel a dangerous beasts aura.

“Ive said that I dont like you mentioning that persons name.” Michael lowered his voice dangerously again.

“You know, if I kill him, I can immediately mark you, and all the damage he has done to you will disappear. You will have a healthier body than you have now, and you wont be the only one fighting against it.”

I looked at Michael in surprise. I had never really understood these strange connections between mates.

Michael said, “Your relationship started as a mate, but he marked another werewolf without rejecting you, which led to him having two relationships. Well, in human terms, its a bigamy crime.

“The destined mate is arranged by the Moon Goddess, and marking is the greatest guarantee a werewolf can give to a mate of his choice. All mate relationships can give strength to both parties. Generally, people believe that the destined mate can provide more power, but we dont find much difference. We believe the source of the stronger power is determined by the relationship between two people.”

Michaels theory was something Id never heard of.-

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