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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 36

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Michael continued, “When a person is in two relationships, in theory, he can gain strength from both relationships. But your situation is a little different.”

Michael gave me a sympathetic look and said, “Your relationship is broken because of his bad behavior even before he marks the mate he has chosen; that was why you experienced pain.

“And when he has chosen his mate, your wolf was torn apart by this pain because your mate relationship has not been completely dissolved. And because he has a new source of strength from his new mate, they have the emotional foundation, which supplements his strength, so all the damage on you has been doubled.”

I knew about the thing Michael was telling me, which was why I hated Robert. It was unfair that he received no punishment when he was the one who betrayed me in the relationship.

“But this kind of damage is reversible,” Michael said, looking at me. “Youve already rejected him. You should be able to feel that the connection between you two is weakening, and you are also recovering from the damage that youve suffered, but the process will take quite some time. It could be days, weeks, or months. Killing him is a way to end this once and for all.”

“No, I cant,” I said slowly and firmly.

Even if I knew that Roberts death could solve my problem and that my problem was caused by him, I still couldnt allow Michael to kill someone because of this.

The value of life shouldnt be treated so dismissively.

Michael looked at me seriously and said, “Oh my Cecily, my little wolf, after everything youve been through, do you still want to forgive the person who hurt you Is that kindness or stupidity”

I couldnt answer Michael because of my principles.

I hated what Robert had done to me, but I didnt want to dwell on the past and blame it all on others.

I wanted to move on. I needed to take control of my life in the future. There was no need to dwell on the past and use it as an excuse to hurt others. It felt wrong.

I shrugged. “I didnt want to do it anyway,” I said. “And if, as you say, it has to do with the depth of human affection, then I have no feelings for him at all now, and that connection should disappear soon.”

“Well, youve convinced me,” Michael said, looking me in the eye. “But only if he doesnt provoke me again, or I cant promise that I wont do anything to him.”

As long as Robert had any sense at all, he wouldnt provoke a young and aggressive Lycan prince.

But if I had to be honest, I was worried about Roberts brain development. I used to think he was an intelligent man. But judging from his poor performance at the ceremony, I could only say that I was sorry I felt that about him.

But with Michael, Id done my best. If Robert wanted to die in Michaels hands, it was none of my business.

“But the other thing wont go away,” Michael said. “I may not be able to mark you now, but you must be punished for sneaking away.”

He was going to bring it up again. I looked at him angrily. I was still angry about it.

Michael reached out and pinched my face. “Dont try to trick me. You are not allowed to leave the house this week.”

Was I grounded

I rolled my eyes at Michael for coming up with such a boring and old-fashioned way to punish me.

“If youre not willing to accept it, I can change the limitation of the grounding to cover this room.” Michael observed my expression and said slowly, “But you can rest assured that Ive already packed up all my sisters things and sent them to her so that some people wont get jealous and make a scene for some inexplicable reason.”

He didnt even allow me to go out and interact with others, yet he ridiculed me for being jealous. This was hypocritical.

I knew that it was useless to oppose Michael. He wouldnt change his mind.

I accepted my fate and nodded. I proposed my conditions and said, “Then, I want my luggage and textbooks, clothes for all seasons, cosmetics, and my laptop.

“If you dont allow me to attend classes, then Ill also need all the lecture notes, class notes, and recommended readings that I missed. Ill also need someone to help me bring over my assignments. Since youre so great and went to my dormitory to get my stuff here before I knew it, these should be easy to get.”

Michael narrowed his eyes at me, and I looked back at him provocatively.-

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