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I continued, “You said yourself that you would give me a life of honor and do everything in your power to protect me. Cant you even do such a small thing Or is the famous Lycan prince as free to break his promises as I am”

“Very well,” Michael said with a smile. “I will give you all of the above, and youd better keep your promise and stay here.”

For the next few days, I stayed at Michaels packhouse. He always left in a hurry in the morning and returned in the evening. The butler would provide me with three meals a day on time and tea in the afternoon. All my needs were taken care of. The butler would deliver anything to me in half a day if I mentioned it.

It wasnt a bad life if you ignored the fact that I was forced to stay by Michael.

On the afternoon of my last day being grounded, I was in my room watching a video of my professors lecture that Michael had sent to me when Sasha barged in. I looked at her in surprise. I hadnt seen her much this week, and I thought she had left.

Sasha sat down on the sofa beside me and let out a long exhale.

Sasha said, “Excuse me, do you have anything to drink The weather outside is as hot as a stove.”

Generally speaking, werewolves were afraid of the cold and heat because of their thick fur. The habits of animals would affect us werewolves more or less. Therefore, the more powerful and populous pack was, they would choose to live in the north more often than not. The palace where the royal Lycan family lived was in the far north.

“Uh, theres some fruit juice there.”

I pointed at the table. The butler had prepared it for me in a carafe. It was filled with golden juice and a lot of ice cubes. The butler also filled a large glass container with ice cubes to keep the carafe at a cool and comfortable temperature at all times.

This fruit juice was given to me by the butler two days ago. I didnt know what ingredients were in it. It might be a mixture of several kinds of fruits. But I thought it was delicious, so I asked the butler to keep providing me with this drink for the past two days.

“Juice” Sasha walked up and looked at me with an incredulous expression. “Are you still a child Im looking forward to a beer.”

I replied, “I dont like the taste of alcohol.”

“What” Sasha said. “Then, you must have never tasted really good alcohol. Ill take you out to try it next time, but we dont have to go into so much trouble for it. Michael must have a lot of alcohol somewhere here.”

I didnt comment. I still didnt know when was the next time Michael would let me out.

I looked back at my computer screen. Sasha walked over, poured herself a glass of juice, took a sip, and said, “It does taste good, but alcohol tastes better.”

Sasha jumped onto my desk without care and bent down to look at my computer screen. Shaking her long, straight legs, she said, “You screwed me the last time. You shouldve at least informed me before you ran away. Michaels mad at me. Hes been telling me to run errands all week.”

“If I had informed you, would I still be able to go” I defended myself.

“Youre right. I wouldnt risk offending Michael by allowing you to go anyway,” Sasha muttered.

“But, for the sake of a week of hard work outside.” Sasha raised her gaze and looked at me pitifully. “Shouldnt you at least make it up to me”

I looked suspiciously at Sasha. Why did she, a royal Lycan, want me to make up to her What could I do to make up to her

“Go shopping with me. Ive been bored all week. I think you need to buy some new clothes.”

Sasha walked to my closet and flipped through my old tracksuits before saying, “You need to buy some skirts, high heels, and pretty jewelry. Youre Michaels mate now anyway, and you cant change that. Why not buy yourself some new clothes that match your identity better Youll be more beautiful.”

Sashas offer tempted me, but I remembered that Michael had said I wasnt allowed to go out. I looked at Sasha helplessly. “You know whats happening. Michael… and I dont want to drag you down with me again.”

“It doesnt matter. Ive asked around. Michael wont be back this afternoon. Well sneak out. He wont find out.”

Sasha said indifferently, “And even if I listened to him before, he would still find opportunities to find trouble with me. Im not afraid of him now. He wont be able to order me around like last time.”

I was encouraged by Sashas tone and said, “Alright, lets go together.”

I changed my clothes and was about to go out with her when Sasha reached out and stopped me. I looked at her in confusion.

Sasha said, “Wait! Before that, we have one more thing to do.”-

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