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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 43

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I finished washing up with a slight blush and picked out two pieces of clothing from the closet to change into. I avoided thinking about the scene when he changed my clothes. My face was already getting hot.

I looked around the room again but couldnt find my phone or any of my belongings. I must have left them on the bar yesterday.

I pushed open the bedroom door, and to my surprise, I saw Michael outside, in the study. He was looking at his laptop on his desk, and when he heard me open the door, he looked up at me.

I didnt expect him to be here still. For a moment, I felt my brain shut down. I greeted him mechanically, “Good morning.”

“Youre awake” Michaels expression was much more natural than mine.

“Yes,” I replied softly.

“Ive already asked the butler to prepare breakfast. Ill have them bring it up now.”

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“Alright.” I walked toward the small dining room on this floor and deliberately chose to go around Michael and sit away from him. As long as I wasnt with Michael right now, it would be fine.

I had just sat at the table when I saw Michael walk over and sit right next to me.

The butler had brought breakfast; freshly baked toast, perfectly baked croissants, golden fried eggs, greasy bacon, ham, cheese, and jam.

The butler finally served us coffee and juice and left. Meanwhile, I sat stiffly at the table and watched Michael grab a croissant from the table and munch on it.

Michael turned to me and said, “Why arent you eating”

I braced, picked up a slice of bread, and started munching on it as if nothing had happened yesterday. But I felt as if I couldnt do it. I scratched my toes and couldnt help but feel nervous and ashamed.

When I thought Michael and I were going to put what happened yesterday behind us, Michael said, “Dont touch that alcohol you had last night again.”


“That alcohol was made for the Lycans. Drinking too much of it will harm your body,” Michael explained in a deep voice. “And that alcohol has a certain aphrodisiac effect. Why did you choose that bottle”

“Aphrodisiac” I widened my eyes in surprise. No wonder my body felt so hot after drinking it yesterday. Wait, did Michael do anything else to me besides changing my clothes yesterday I felt that I could barely maintain my composure.

“Yeah. And didnt you see the 20 on it Even the royal Lycans can only drink this at the age of twenty. You downed almost the whole bottle yesterday. Youre lucky even to be awake now,” Michael snapped.

“I thought that 20 was the percentage of the alcohol content…” I explained in a low voice.

“What” Michael looked at me sternly.


“From now on, youre not allowed to touch the alcohol in the liquor cabinet.”

“Oh, I didnt know about this alcohol, and no one told me that. So, it wasnt my fault,” I muttered.

“Are you talking back to me Do you want to be grounded again”

“What else can you do besides grounding me!”

I was annoyed by Michaels rudeness toward me. I felt like I couldnt eat anymore.

In the end, wasnt it because of him that I got drunk yesterday If he hadnt grounded me, forbidden me to go out, gotten mad at Sasha, and left me alone in this empty villa, I wouldnt have drunk so much. Even if I did, someone would have told me what that 20 meant on the bottle.

Now, I was the one who had a bad hangover because of him. What reason did he have to criticize me and even punish me

I stood up from the dining table in anger, but Michael followed me and stood in my way.

He furrowed his brows and said, “Whats wrong with you Am I wrong You got drunk last night and threw yourself into someone elses arms. Did I do wrong by not allowing you to drink”

“What are you talking about!” I looked at him angrily. Did I throw myself into someone elses arms Wasnt he the one who brought me back last night Even if something happened, he was probably the one to have taken advantage of me. Yet, here he was, questioning me on this matter.

“Last night, your attitude toward me wasnt like this.”

Michael approached me dangerously. His eyes met mine, and the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. I was forced to retreat. He scanned my body, from my face to my bare legs, and I began to regret my choice of denim shorts.

His gaze was like a physical caress, and his intense desire began to emanate from his eyes, and with the undisguised power of a predator, I felt myself shudder.

I now began to feel the futility of the mate connection, and I could do nothing but retreat from Michael.

I could hardly think of any resistance to his presence, and it took a great deal of effort just to control myself from lunging at him because of his delicious scent.

I knew that as we got closer, the bond between us would grow stronger and that it would grow more difficult for me to resist Michaels temptation.-

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