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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 44

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‘Calm down, Cecily.

‘You cant be the moaning, submissive woman beneath him. You have class. And Mia, she cant take it. The thought sobered me up a bit. I stepped back, almost back into our bedroom.

Michael took another step toward me. He was moving so dangerously that I turned around and ran to the dressing room. I couldnt bear to look him in the eye anymore.

However, I was too slow. In the blink of an eye, Michael grabbed me. He slammed the bedroom door behind him and pushed me against the solid wooden door that was three inches thick.

“Where do you think youre going” Michael buried his face in my neck. He licked my neck before sucking on it, making my hair stand on end.

I struggled in his arms, but he held me firmly. One of his hands touched my buttocks, repeatedly rubbing against it through a thin layer of fabric.

He pinched and rubbed, his fingers dangerously trying to reach into the edge of my shorts, and I began to pant. I didnt want to admit that Michaels touch made me feel very good.

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“You smell even sweeter,” he whispered in my ear. “Baby, do you know what this means”

Michaels shaft pushed up against me, and I could feel him expanding, almost pushing up against my stomach. He started unzipping my shorts, reached in with his other hand, and pressed it against my underwear, while his other hand stayed on my butt and rubbed my thigh.

Michael was not restraining me with his hands now, yet I still couldnt move at all. I felt the pleasure travel all over my body, rushing to my belly, then converging down into my panties, concentrating on the spot where Michaels fingers kept pressing, circulating this pleasure all over my body again.

My legs gradually gave out, and I curled down, trying to escape the waves of pleasure, but Michael wouldnt let me go, and his fingers repeatedly stimulated my sensitive spot. The repeated orgasms made me feel both happiness and pain.

“Ah, Michael!” I raised my head and groaned.

My body slid down against the wooden door, and my back was against the door. My legs splayed open because of Michaels actions, my crotch pressing down on his hands that were still moving up on my thighs.

Michael was breathing rapidly in front of me. I looked at him uneasily. His penis had become hard, and it was poking at my chest.

He took a deep breath. The color of his eyes alternated between gold and brown. He was frowning from maintaining his patience. I could see that he was controlling his beast.

“Michael, I…”

“F*ck, dont talk now,” Michael interrupted me impatiently.

He moved his hand away from me as if I was something he couldnt avoid. He turned his back toward me. I could hear him breathing rapidly. I was also gasping for breath. The stimulation that Michael had given me just now was too intense.

In just a short while, my entire body had heated up and was sweating. The clothes I had just changed into were already soaked with sweat, sticking to my body. However, my body was still getting hotter.

“F*ck.”Michael cursed again and turned around to walk to the bathroom. Soon, I heard water splashing from the bathroom.

I stared in the direction where Michael had disappeared. There was one thing that I didnt tell Michael. In fact, two days ago, Mia told me that she was now completely able to accept Michaels contact with me and even deeper and more intimate things.

She was only unable to accept marking yet. It was a kind of soul communion, after all. My drunkenness last night was more or less affected by it, and before I knew it, Michael had changed my body.

Earlier, I had almost told Michael that I could have sex with him, but he interrupted me. So now, with less impulse, I was hesitant again.

Michael had kept his word, and I shouldnt have taken advantage of it. But it was a rare moment when I could see him getting hurt because of me, and I didnt want to miss it.

I looked down and saw the mess he had made of my jean shorts, not to mention my underwear, which was soaked from the inside out. This made me think about what had happened between us last night and even earlier, and I quickly decided not to tell Michael about it for a while because he was such a jerk.

When Michael came out again, he had a long face, as if I owed him a lot of money, but his eyes had turned back to their normal brown color. I stole a glance at his lower body, which seemed to have returned to normal too.

I asked, “Are you feeling better”

Michael nodded, but his expression was still very unpleasant. He looked at me with an unfriendly gaze.

I coughed lightly, feeling that I shouldnt be responsible for this. Each time he provoked me first, and every time I was led by Michael by the nose. This time I was going to make the first move.

I asked, “Were you the one who changed my clothes yesterday”

“Yes.” I hated it when Michael took me for granted. He treated me like his property as if everything he did to me was his responsibility.-

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