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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 45

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“You dont have the right to do that,” I yelled at him.

“I think I do.” Michael raised an eyebrow at me and said arrogantly, “Besides, Im the only person in the world who has the right to do anything to you because Im your mate.”

“Youre not my mate yet,” I blurted out.

Michael looked at me dangerously. I knew it was a warning.

What I said just now undoubtedly questioned his authority. It was like one had invaded the territory of a beast. Now that he was offended and threatened, he was about to bare his teeth at me. I should have stopped when things were good.

I lowered my head to look at my jeans. Michael had torn off the button on them. It seemed very interesting now. At least, it was much more interesting than the man who was about to get angry.

“Cecily.” Michael was calling my name. I continued focusing on my jeans. They were a little baggy, but they still held on to my crotch. I thought I should change them when I went out.

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“Look up at me.” Michael grabbed my hand rudely and said, “Dont worry about your damn pants. I said, look at me.”

I reluctantly looked up. Michaels face was expressionless, but I knew that wasnt what he thought. I could sense it from the scent on his body. He was angry with me.

“Repeat what you just said,” Michael said.

I knew that if I said that again, I would die. It wasnt what he wanted me to say.

I swallowed to make my throat feel less dry. I looked at his chin and opened my mouth. “Im your mate.”

“Speak clearly. Look at me.”

Michael pressed against my shoulder. He used a lot of force. I had to raise my head to look into his eyes. The golden light that I often saw appeared in his eyes. This often meant that he would lose control, and the beast within him would take over his body.

I repeated, “I am your mate.”


And I saw no smile in Michaels eyes, but the golden light was fading. His face was still as cold as a stone.

I opened my mouth with difficulty and said, “You have the right to do anything to me.”

This was too humiliating.

Michael snorted. I knew that I had succeeded in pleasing him. He lifted my chin with his finger. His body was moving closer to me. I could feel his thigh leaning against my lower abdomen. Our feet were also touching.

“Cecily, you are mine. You have to understand this.” Michaels finger slid through my hair and stopped beside my ear. He continued, “I thought I didnt have to explain this to you over and over again. But if you dont realize it, I can only use other methods to make you remember. If I lose my patience, that would be terrible.”

I stood in place, not daring to move.

“However, I think your body accepted this matter faster than you did, didnt it” Michael continued to whisper. “Last night, the person who called my name and urged me to stay was you. You looked delicious.”

My face instantly turned red, and I stammered, “No, impossible.”

“You dont believe me I can tell you more details. You wrapped your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist. You were drunk, but you were still twisting your body against mine to tease me. I had no choice but to carry you up from downstairs to the bed, but you still refused to let me go, pulling at my clothes and asking me to stay with you.”

Michaels eyes sparkled. I couldnt believe what I had heard. I couldnt remember anything after I got drunk last night. Could it be me that Michael was talking about Or did Michael make it all up to make me feel ashamed

“Do you think I should have pressed you onto this bed and had sex with you just like you wanted yesterday I should have…”

“Stop it!” I couldnt listen anymore.

“Oh, my dear Cecily.” Michael touched my face again and smiled at me. “I only want to tell you that we are mates, and you belong to me. You should remember this fact and not try to resist it.”

Yes, this was a fact that I couldnt change.

But it was also a tragic fact.

I saw my reflection in Michaels pupils. Finally, I changed the subject and said dryly, “My grounding is over. I have to go back to school today.”

“Of course.” Michael smiled and moved aside to make way for me. He looked at me and said, “But I think you should take a shower now.”

As he said this, his gaze swept over my lower body. I realized that my underwear was still wet because of him. I glared at Michael, nodded, and walked through the path he had made for me.-

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