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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 46

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After taking two steps, I realized that Michael was following me.

“What are you doing” I stopped and asked.

“Taking a shower,” Michael shrugged.

“Didnt you just shower” I asked. Then, I understood what he was implying. Did he want to take a shower with me Before I could think about it, Michael had already answered me.

“Ill shower again with you.”

Michael had already reached into my clothes. Once again, he took the initiative to close the distance between us.

“Dont touch me.” I slapped Michaels hand away and stated my position. “I wont shower with you.”

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I looked at Michael with a half-smile on his face. I couldnt tell if he was serious about what he had just said, but I would never agree to it.

I wasnt ready to shower with him, and I had never taken one with anyone. Just thinking about showering with Michael made me think that it couldnt be something as simple as a shower, and I had to be wary of him.

Michael shrugged and said, “Whats the big deal I saw what I should have seen last night.”

I was infuriated by what he said. I didnt want to hear anything about last night from him anymore!

“No matter what you say, I wont agree to this,” I said.

Michael looked at me playfully and said, “Or are you worried that something else will happen My dear Cecily, what exactly are you thinking about Or, what do you expect to happen”

“What are you expecting” I asked back.

“Me” Michael smiled wickedly. “Ive been thinking about many things to expect.”

He was so shameless. I felt Michaels gaze wantonly rest on my chest, and I began to ooze liquid from my private parts again from his gaze.

When Michael wanted to take a step further, I raised my hand to stop him and said seriously, “Stop right there.”

“What are you so uncomfortable about” Michael frowned.

“My wolf is not ready.” This was a lie, but I couldnt find any other reason to stop Michael.

Although Michael had helped me change my clothes yesterday, and as he said, my body was no longer a secret to him, I still didnt want to take off my clothes in front of him. I would be naked in a small space filled with water vapor with him.

“Okay.” Michael lowered his head and looked a little dejected.

I never thought I would refuse to get close to such a handsome and powerful Lycan. Michael was a perfect mate in many ways. I didnt know what I was hesitating about. It was probably because I wasnt ready.

But since I was living with Michael, I knew it was only a matter of time before we got intimate. The way Michael looked at me with increasing greed told me he wouldnt be patient much longer. I only wanted to slow things down as much as I could.

I won the battle anyway, and I went into the bathroom alone, closed the door, and locked it. I pulled the lock twice to make sure it was still intact.

I let out a sigh of relief and took off my clothes, including my blouse, underwear, torn shorts, and soaking wet underwear. My underwear was covered in my bodily fluids and sweat. I thought of Michaels seductive, sexy body. Any woman would go crazy for him.

Of course, he was seductive to me, too, but I was always afraid of him; not of Michael, but the unknown.

Michaels life was so far away from mine that it always felt unreal. I always felt that it was a life that wasnt mine, that there were too many adventures, even if everything seemed wonderful.

I turned the tap and let the warm water flow over my body. The warm water gave me comfort and made me relax.

I put shampoo in my hair, lathered it up, and closed my eyes. I saw Michaels face again, and some memories of what had happened last night were still in my mind.

In my last memory, there was a warm, strong, steady embrace, and I felt safe in it all the time.-

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