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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 47

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I recalled more about Michael, our kiss, his electric fingers touching my body, the perfect physical experience.

My mind drifted toward pleasure. Before I met Michael, I had few sexual thoughts, and the few physical encounters Robert gave me were nothing but disgusting and revolting. I even thought for a moment that I lacked the experience of pleasure. But Michael seemed to have activated something in me.

I reached down with my finger. This was where Michael had touched me.

I imagined Michaels finger touching me. I pressed my finger into the flesh to feel the pleasure, but it was not enough. Not there.

I moaned softly and blushed as I touched my body all over. The feeling of doing it myself was completely different from someone else doing it, and I was frustrated that I couldnt fully be aroused. I pulled my hands out from under me and rinsed them in the shower.

Before I knew it, my body seemed to have identified her owner, making me uncomfortable.

I shook off these thoughts and closed my eyes. Then, I shook my head as I washed the foam off my head before reaching for a towel on the side. I dried myself with the towel and wrapped it around me. But when I opened the bathroom door, I saw a bored prince waiting at the door.

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I tightened the towel on my body. I didnt come out with a change of clothes, which was a mistake.

How long had Michael been standing outside the door Had he been standing there from the moment I entered, had he heard anything I wanted to ask him, but I knew I had to keep quiet.

Michaels gaze was fixed on my bare shoulders. I wanted to pull the towel up, but my butt would be exposed.

I was embarrassed. I was more passive now than I had been when he had pushed me against the door. At least I had my underwear on to give me some sense of security. Now I had nothing but a towel on me.

Michaels gaze was not just on my shoulders but all over me. I guessed that he imagined my naked body under the towel. His eyes were dark. He must be thinking about sex.

I knew that the beast in him was already stirring. I was his prey. If I moved back, he would see me as prey trying to escape. If I moved forward, he would see me as a provocation and pounce on me.

This time I chose to stand still and watch him, and we were at a standstill. However, I did not choose to avoid his gaze again, for I knew that it would be no use. When two would meet on a narrow road, you would have to meet the other head-on because there was nowhere to run.

Michael said, “Youve been washing for a long time.”

I said, “Is there a problem”

Michael continued to stare at me. Finally, I took two steps forward and said, “Excuse me, please.”

Michael grabbed my wrist and stopped me just as I was about to pass him. I had to hold onto my towel with my other hand to keep it from falling off.

He pulled me closer to him. Our lips were so close together that I thought he would kiss me, but he just brushed his stubble gently against my face.

“I know what you are doing, you sly little wolf.”

Michaels deep voice shook me.

I clenched my fingers. What did he know Michael turned slightly and bit my neck softly. Then, he whispered in my ear sexily, “But I dont care. Ill make you beg me to take you and mark you. Youll see.”

I could feel his teeth dangerously close to marking me when he bit me. I was shaking all over, but I saw the smug smile on Michaels face. He was teasing me again.

I looked up in shame and anger at Michaels eyes. He was far calmer than I was.

I had found the pattern. When his eyes turned golden, that was when he was about to lose control and do something to me. His temper would get worse, and when his eyes were a beautiful deep amber color, he was usually thinking straight.

I had always wondered why the color change in his eyes affected his temperament. Werewolves usually change, but our wolves didnt have the power to influence us. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to ask him.

Now, I couldnt help but ask, “Whats wrong with your eyes”

“My eyes” Michael was puzzled.

“Your eyes are usually brown, but sometimes they turn golden.”

“Thats my wolf.”

“But you look very different. I mean, when it turns golden, you look like a different person.”

“Tell me to mark you, and Ill tell you,” Michael said with a smirk.-

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