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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 49

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The view outside the car flashed by, and I looked down at my phone.

It had been a beautiful weekend, and while Michael grounded me, many of my classmates had gone out to have fun. So I went on social media, browsed through their photos, and liked the post of some people I knew.

I envied these people, and this was how my weekend was supposed to be, enjoying my college life with my friends.

I saw Kate and her boyfriend, Alfred, who had gone to the beach nearby. Kate wore a gold bikini, with the gold fabric shimmering in the sun and matching her long blond hair.

She was in great shape, with no belly fat, and Alfred was standing behind her with his arms around her waist, and they looked so sweet.

I scrolled down, and a picture jumped out in front of me.

It was Alison and Robert.

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They hadnt gone to the beach. Instead, it was like they were on a hill or in a castle. They were very close. Alison wore a short, halter-top blouse, revealing the fair back of her neck.

Roberts chin was resting on her shoulder, one hand on her other shoulder, the other on her waist. They were smiling happily in the photo, apparently a happy couple in love.

In the past, no matter how much I hated it, pictures of Robert and other people being intimate would still hurt me. My chest and even my head would ache all the way to my brain, but I barely noticed the feeling this time.

They seemed fine, but what did it have to do with me For the first time since I had rejected Robert, I felt free of his influence and that my wolf and I were recovering from that pain.

I looked at the photo again and realized that it was not a recent photo. The sun and the weather were out of season.

Robert had already shown that he was a weak and incompetent person. I didnt think he would recover so quickly after I rejected him. His wolf should be suffering the same pain as mine; even Alison couldnt help him with this kind of pain. He wasnt in the mood to go out and have fun at this time.

“Whats this” Michael leaned over. When he saw Roberts photo, his face darkened, and he said, “Why do you still have his contact information”

“We went to high school together. The social media app will automatically show you that.”

This explanation was obviously not enough to convince Michael. His eyes seemed to be spitting fire. I could feel his extreme dislike for Robert.

Michael said, “Cecily, I dont like how you still have any contact with him.”

“Uh, okay. Ill block him.”

This was what I had always wanted to do, to remove Robert from my life altogether. It was just that before, I had been afraid that Roberts power would allow him to use some means to make things difficult for me. But now, I had Michael.

I looked at the photo that made me nauseous again. I turned off the phone screen and pulled the car door, only to find that Michael had locked it. I looked at Michael in confusion.

“Give me a kiss, and Ill let you go.”

It was the same trick again.

I looked at the time helplessly. It was already 10:25. If I didnt leave now, I would really be late.

I leaned over helplessly and gave Michael a peck on the cheek before quickly separating. “Can you let me out of the car now”

With a click, I heard the sound of the car door lock being unlocked. However, Michael was holding my finger on the side. I didnt know what he was going to do next.

Michael scratched my palm and asked, “When are you done with class”

“Dont you know when Im done with class” I bet Michael had investigated everything.

Michael smiled, grabbed my finger, and kissed it again. “Ill pick you up at four in the afternoon.”

He sounded very indulgent, but I could hear the warning in it. There was also something he hadnt said,Dont try to escape again.

I nodded, indicating that I understood. He reluctantly let go of my finger, and I opened the car door.


Michael called out to me for the third time. I helplessly turned around, only to see his rather serious expression.

“The thing I reminded you about in the room wasnt a joke.”

I was stunned for a moment. Then, I recalled he told me not to provoke his wolf.

“I told you before; the royal Lycans live differently from the usual werewolves.” Michael looked into my eyes and said, “So, dont disobey or provoke the royal Lycans, especially me.”

“What if I do” I looked up at Michael, thinking he was simply trying to scare me.

“That you will face terrible consequences, so dont do it.”

I shrugged, not taking Michael seriously. Then, I got out of the car under his watch.-

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