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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 50

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I didnt realize that returning to my first class on campus would be harder than I thought.

This week was a fertile breeding ground for gossip, and with me gone for a week, there was more speculation and audacity.

Before, I had only seen people pointing fingers at me in public or hallways. Now, even in the classroom, with the lecturer standing at the podium, I could feel the stares and whispers from all sides. They didnt even keep their voices low anymore. Instead, they spoke in voices I could hear.

If I looked at the person who spoke, they would shut up briefly, but when I looked away, they would continue.

I tried to focus on the classroom, but the whispers always reached my ears. When I heard the person behind me on my right call me a b*tch again, I had to give her a stern look. To my surprise, I saw her flinch and shut up for good.

I suddenly realized that maybe it wasnt that their discussion had gotten louder but that my hearing had gotten sharper.

I remembered what Kate had said about me the last time I saw her. She had said that I looked like a Lycan. Having spent the week with Michael and the others, maybe I did have that intimidating presence now.

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After class, I ignored everyone, packed my things, and left on my own.

As I walked, someone reached out from the side of the road and pulled me into a secluded grove on campus.

I almost expected a kidnapping, but soon a strong, pungent perfume overwhelmed my senses, and I saw the person in front of me. It was Alison.

The pungent scent of her perfume was overwhelming. She was like a human-sized moving fragrance bottle. I was so suffocated that I almost coughed. I took two steps back and looked at her warily.

“You look very well taken care of.” Alison looked at me and said jealously.

“You look good too,” I replied calmly.

That was a lie. Alisons hair was a mess. Her originally smooth blonde hair was now like a pile of straw. The ends of her hair were tangled and knotted together. She looked like she had not washed her hair for a long time.

Her originally fair and plump skin had become flabby. Her eyes were black and blue as if she had been beaten.

Although she still used much makeup to cover her eyes, using eyeliner to make her eyes look big and lively, all kinds of foundation to cover her blemishes, and highlighter to make her face look even shinier, I could still easily tell that her complexion was not good.

“You must be very proud now.”Alison crossed her arms. This was a gesture full of hostility. She must have mistaken what I said earlier for a taunt. I didnt mean that, but I didnt intend to explain.

Alison continued, “You stole my mate. Robert is now obsessed with you. He would rather lose his position as Alphas heir, but you abandoned him to marry a Lycan prince. Im now a laughingstock in everyones eyes. Are you gloating over this”

I furrowed my brows. Everything Alison said was wrong.

I was the one whom my mate abandoned, and she was the one who stole someone elses mate. As for Robert losing his position as Alphas heir, he didnt do it for me. It was his selfishness and stupidity that led to such an outcome.

“What are you trying to do” I asked.

Alison took a step forward and sniffed at me again. This action of hers made me feel uncomfortable. She suddenly smiled smugly. “Your scent hasnt been completely covered by that Lycan prince. He hasnt marked you yet, has he Youve disappeared for seven days, but he hasnt marked you yet. Hah, do you think that Lycan prince takes you seriously”

I looked at Alison and felt like she was a clown at the moment.

Alison said to herself, “You think youve won, taken Roberts heart away from me, and won the favor of the Lycan prince. Im telling you, youll never take Robert away from me. Hell only be mine. And the Lycan prince, do you really think he takes you seriously He just treats you like a toy. He didnt even take you home, did he Hell throw you away when he gets tired of you. And you still dream of becoming a princess Hahahaha.”

I thought Alison was crazy. Then, she turned around and wanted to leave.

Alison laughed hysterically behind me. “If you take someone elses mate, someone will take yours one day. Hahaha!”

I suddenly stopped and turned around. “I should be the one saying that to you. You were the one who stole someone elses mate back then. Now you only have yourself to blame for what happened to you.”

I coldly gave Alison one last look. To me, she was no longer my match. I didnt want to bother with her anymore. I would just let her and that crazy Robert torture each other.

“No, youre not allowed to leave.” Alison refused to give up. She grabbed my hand from behind.

I finally lost my patience.

‘Slap! I turned around and gave her a tight slap. I had wanted to do this for a long time. Ever since I left the classroom for the last time after graduating high school, I had wanted to push everyone away and slap her.

I disliked her face. She already had more than me, yet she still stole my mate and proudly flaunted it to me. I was a coward then, but I was not that person anymore.-

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