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Alisons face was tilted to one side. I hit her so hard that I let out all the pent-up anger I had in high school. I removed some of the powder off Alisons face and felt a sharp pain in my palm.

I looked at Alison, and a clear handprint appeared on her face.

Alison covered her face and looked at me in disbelief, her eyes filled with hatred.

I looked at her warily and prepared to defend myself. She could come at me if she wanted to fight with me here. I was not afraid of her at all.

Mia was also agitated. She was shouting to express her anger. Alison had just slandered me and Michael at the same time. How could she dare to do this If Michael were here, he would say this was enough to punish her.

“B*TCH! B*TCH! How dare you hit me!” Alison roared at me like she was going crazy. “You disgusting, despicable b*tch, go to hell!”

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Alisons eyes were shining. Her wolf started to take over her body. She pounced on me.

Mia also injected her power into my body. As a result, my limbs became more powerful. I grabbed Alisons swinging arm, and Alisons arm stopped mid-air, unable to move an inch forward.

She looked at me in shock, surprised by my strength.

In fact, I didnt think Id be able to hold her down so easily, which gave me more confidence. I grabbed her arm and used my other hand to block the hand she was trying to sneak up on. Then, I used my arms simultaneously and threw her to the ground.

Alison landed on her face. The ground was wet. Her face, knees, and elbows were covered in mud. Her sexy green dress was also covered in mud.

I thought I was going to fight. Alison looked stronger than me. She was supposed to be the packs Luna in the future. The combination of Robert and her would give her more strength.

In my imagination, we would fight a few rounds, and she would grab me by the neck, and I would pull her hair, and I would be ready to fight as hard as I could. But our fight was simply over.

Alison was half-lying on the ground, staring at me with a blank look in her eyes. But I was still careful to keep some distance from her, and I worried that this was another one of her tricks. In high school, she had set me up so many times that I never doubted her viciousness.

Alison rose slowly from the ground, coughing as she propped herself against a tree. She looked pathetic. I saw the tears in her eyes, but I couldnt feel sorry for her.

She looked at me with the same incredulous look I guess she had never imagined when she dragged me into the woods.

In her eyes, I had always been weak and at her mercy. She had unscrupulously targeted and insulted me in high school, and I had always endured it.

Suddenly, I had changed. Everything had been reversed.

The way Alison looked at me had also changed. I saw something new in her eyes, which were always filled with contempt and disdain. She began to fear me, and she was also afraid of my strength.

“Dont provoke me again,” I said and walked out of the forest.

However, I heard footsteps behind me, followed by the wind and a cry of surprise.

“What are you doing! Get out of the way, Cecily!”

From the corner of my eye, I saw a hand stretching out from behind me. Alison was already in a poor state, yet she still wanted to take revenge on me. I turned around slightly and quickly grabbed Alisons hand. Then, using the same move, I grabbed her arms with both hands and flung her away.

This time, I didnt hold back. Alison fell even harder than before.

I looked up and saw Kate, whom I hadnt seen for a long time. She was the one who had made that sound. She ran to me quickly. She looked at me, then at Alison, who was on the ground. She stared at me with her mouth agape.

“Thank you for warning me,” I said.

“Youre welcome.” Kate seemed to be in a daze. She didnt seem to hear what I was saying. Instead, she was observing Alison trying to get up from the ground.

“How did you find me” I asked.

Only then did Kate come back to her senses. She said, “I heard you were back in class, so Ive been looking for you. When I saw Alison drag you in here, I thought you needed help. However, when did you become so good at fighting Shes like a three-year-old child in front of you, completely unable to fight back.”

Alison lay on the ground and shot us a venomous look.

I shrugged and said, “I dont know either.”

Kate laughed. “Youre too amazing. I dare say that even if you considered all the girls in the pack, there arent many who can achieve such a feat.”

I laughed, too, and it made me feel good.-

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