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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 56

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For the second half of the trip, Kate and I were silent.

Kate was tired from driving for so long, and I was overwhelmed just hearing Michaels name.

I watched the sunset glow beautifully, but I couldnt feel happy.

For the first time, I felt that the taste of freedom might not be as good as I thought it would be.

I felt an indescribable weariness in my heart as if I had lost a part of myself and was getting farther and farther away from it.

An unknown emotion was pulling me along, and I was like a kite, flying higher and farther, but the string holding me was always in another persons hands.

The feeling grew stronger over time.

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On the way, I changed out of my red dress, wiped off my makeup, and put on my familiar soft and comfortable clothes, but I didnt feel comfortable.

I leaned weakly against the passenger seat and looked out the window at the darkening sky. I felt my heart sink with it.

Where would Michael be now Did he already know that I had left without saying goodbye

He would be angry. He would be angry. What he hated the most was that I was out of his control. If he found out, he would lock me up for an unknown length of time.

Thinking of this, I smiled bitterly. I had a subtle nostalgia for the days when he locked me up.

If Michael couldnt find me, would he take it out on other unrelated people I looked at Kate guiltily. This time I had impulsively begged Kate to take me away. Michael would probably not let her off the hook in the future.

But what was the point of all this regret now I couldnt possibly go back now. We would arrive at the Ancient Woods Pack in two hours at most.

I tried to cheer myself up by imagining what Kate and I could do at the Ancient Woods Pack, but it didnt do much good. I felt the sadness and exhaustion creeping into my bones. I felt like I was about to cry and couldnt even explain why.

One thing for sure; I kept thinking about the same name over and over again: Michael.

‘This person wasnt good to you.

‘He imprisoned you and showed off his power in front of your parents. He was overbearing and tyrannical. He wouldnt allow you to do anything. You were deprived of your normal social life. He was also arrogant and arrogant. He never felt that there was anything wrong with him.

I listed the disadvantages of Michael in my mind one by one. I wanted to fight against that kind of unexplainable longing.


‘Why is this, Mia

‘Mia, are you there Can you talk to me.


I wanted to communicate with Mia in my mind, but Mia was only silent.

Unless she was very weak, I could usually communicate with Mia immediately. But I could feel that there was nothing wrong with Mia right now, so it could only be that she didnt want to communicate with me.

I sighed and gave up calling out to Mia.

Mia was a sensitive, introverted child. She never yelled at me, and her only way of expressing unhappiness was silence.

She was unhappy with what I had done; to be fair, Michael had done nothing to hurt me. He had given me everything I asked for, except my freedom.

I began to doubt if I was right to leave like this Was it all because I was too willful

“Are you okay” Kate asked worriedly. “You dont look too good.”

“Im fine, “I said weakly.

“You dont sound convincing enough,” Kate said.

I waved my hand and forced a smile.

“I think Im affected by my mates connection,” I said. “Maybe I need to sleep for a while.”

Kate looked at me sympathetically. She said, “Is there such a terrifying connection between mates You cant even stay a little further away. To be honest, what I saw happening to you made me feel the idea of a mate is terrifying. I think you might as well have stayed by the Lycan princes side, not because he wants to lock you up, but because you cant live without him.”

I knew Kate was just teasing, but I wanted to go back and stay by Michael, just like she said.

I closed my eyes and felt every muscle in my body aching and weak. I felt nauseous and couldnt get rid of the dry feeling in my throat.

It wasnt the same as when I was humiliated by Robert and watched him and Alison mark each others pain. It was more of physical pain that I couldnt control and the endless rage I felt for Robert.

This time it was soul-wrenching.

My body was weak because of an emptiness inside me that was tearing my soul apart because I missed him. The feeling was new, and the weakness was eating me from the inside out, making me want to throw up the dinner I had just eaten.-

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