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In general, a wolf and a man coexist in a werewolf lived and died together.

The wolf provided strength, while the man provided wisdom and a strong spirit. When the man was hurt, the wolfs strength could heal him. Correspondingly, the man could also give the wolf spiritual comfort and lead the fight.

As a result, werewolves were rarely injured, and only when the wolves in their bodies were injured would it affect our health.

However, the wolves themselves were powerful and difficult to harm. One way to easily harm werewolves was through their mate, just like what Robert did to me.

However, this situation was rare. Therefore, to better maintain order among werewolves and also to have strong sanctions against some evil werewolves, Hunters were born.

Hunters had another method of harming the wolves. They had a special silver arrow spiked with wolf poison at the arrowhead.

The wolf poison itself wasnt poisonous. It wouldnt have any effect on ordinary humans, but it could restrain the wolves in the werewolves bodies, making them unable to provide power to their human counterparts. Werewolves without wolves were easy to kill, so the wolf poison was the bane of all werewolves.

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I was clearly not in the position of being shot by werewolf venom, nor was I in pain from being rejected by Michael.

Mia should be able to ease my pain, but she was not. Instead, she was angry with me.

My actions had led her passively away from Michael and his wolves, away from the scent she loved, and I was only suffering because of what Id done.

In a daze, I felt someone shaking my arm.

I opened my eyes and saw Kate sitting next to me with a playful glint in her eyes.

“Were here,” Kate said.

I looked around and saw that the sun had completely set. Dusk was here, and Kates headlights lit up the area in front of me, surrounded by towering trees.

I had never seen so many big and strong trees. Each of them had thicker trunks than mine. I guessed that they were at least decades or even centuries old.

I asked in surprise, “This is the Ancient Woods Pack”

“This is the periphery of the Ancient Woods Pack. Their people have set up a maze in the forest. We need them to pick us up,” Kate said.

“But how did you get in touch with them” I asked.

Kate and I left our phones in the first town we stopped in to prevent being tracked. At the moment, we didnt have any modern electronic devices other than this car.

“Oh, dont worry.” Kate unbuckled her seat belt and got out of the car. I got out of the car too.

I had been sitting in the same position in the car for so long that my bones were stiff. I stretched my body and looked at Kates movements curiously.

Kates eyes suddenly turned from green to tawny, which was the color of her wolf eyes. I looked at her in confusion, wondering if she had any way to contact the people in the Ancient Woods Pack.

But Kate just put her hand to her mouth and howled into the sky. Her long, long howl echoed through the forest.

I was stunned. “Thats your way”

Howling outside someones pack would be seen as a provocation in any pack. So the wolves of the pack would surround us.

Kate put her hand down and shrugged. “At least it worked.”

I helplessly put my hand on my forehead. This was too simple and crude.

“Now, we just have to wait for them to come and find me,” Kate said nonchalantly as she leaned against the cars hood.

Kate and I leaned on the car together. Now, I could only hope that the people from the Ancient Woods Pack were as kind and gentle as Kate claimed. I hope they wouldnt arrest us or beat us up.

Kate told me about the pack on the way here;; they were isolated and used to living in isolation. So they traditionally kept the old custom of letting men go out hunting to get the daily necessities of a family while women stayed home to wash, cook, and sew.

In their social division of labor, women, older people, and children were all existences that needed protection, and they didnt give women any important positions. Even their packs Luna did not have much authority. She simply listened to Alphas arrangements.

But if you thought this pack was weak because of this, you were wrong.

Although the Ancient Woods Pack was isolated, it was not completely unaware of what was happening in the outside world. Instead, over the years, they only focused on their development, avoiding many unnecessary disputes, which made their armed forces at an unimaginable level. Coupled with their deep knowledge of the terrain, it was difficult for other pack members to invade their land.-

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