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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 58

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Soon, we heard a wolfs howl.

It was much louder than Kates earlier howl and carried a hint of authority. More howls were heard, but none louder than the first, as if to surround and set off the first person.

I felt like a pack of wolves surrounded us, and my body began to tremble. I tried to grab Kates hand, only to find her body trembling. It seemed that she was not as confident as she said she was.

Our clenched hands gave us strength.

Then, the howling stopped. I heard more and more footsteps. It was the sound of claws scraping against the ground. Every sound was heavy, which meant that everyone who came was a tall warrior. Now we were surrounded by their low howls, echoing back and forth in the dark forest.

I saw the shadows moving quickly through the forest. They were coming toward us, and I was afraid again.

I was afraid that they would suddenly come and tear us apart.

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I squeezed Kates hand and said in a low voice, “Do you want to say something”

I didnt hear a response from Kate for a long time. I turned to look at her and saw that she was in a daze, but there were two abnormal blushes on her cheeks.

My heart tightened. I shook her hand again and shouted, “Kate, Kate!”

Kate looked at me in a daze. Then, after a few seconds, her eyes started to focus as if she had just regained her senses.

“Whats wrong with you” I asked.

“I think…” Kate was interrupted halfway.

A huge black werewolf jumped in front of us and roared at us. His black fur shone under the headlights.

“Intruders, what are you doing here”

I felt my teeth chattering. I kept nudging Kate with my finger, trying to get her to explain herself to this fierce-looking werewolf.

The black werewolf started circling us and our car. His sharp gaze locked on us. I saw the werewolves all around us.

“Im here to see my aunt, Carol. This is my friend, Cecily,” Kate finally spoke, and I turned to look at her, not knowing why she looked more nervous than I.

Kate bit her lip, not daring to look up at the black werewolf, whose legs I could see were trembling.

The black werewolf stood up and transformed into his human form.

I thought he was almost seven feet tall. He had deep facial features, thick eyebrows, and thick lips. His arms were muscular, and he had a short knife at his waist. He wasnt as scary as a wolf, and although he was tall, he had beautiful eyes that reflected starlight.

There was a hint of doubt in his eyes as he said, “Im Alpha Alex from the Ancient Woods Pack. I did not know we have a guest coming.”

“We came in a hurry. We didnt have the time to inform her aunt,” I explained.

Alex glanced at me in a hurry before turning his gaze back to Kate. He seemed to be very interested in Kate.

‘Damn it! Kate doesnt seem right now. I havent forgotten why Kate wanted to leave school in the first place. Before she and Alfreds matter was settled… I didnt think it was a good idea to provoke a new Alpha.

The werewolfs howling stopped. I looked at Alex uneasily. I didnt know if he believed me,

“Whats your name”Alex asked Kate.

“Kate. Kate Battier,” Kate said.

“Weve met before, havent we” Alex sniffled. I could see that he was still a little confused.

I knew what the problem was. The powder on our bodies covered our scent. It made us smell like two strangers. But it wasnt that easy to explain. I didnt want to tell anyone about Michael and me.

“Maybe,” Kate stammered. “Ive been here a few times before.”

I looked at Kate, once again surprised by her behavior. She looked so bewildered. After all, she had been here a few times, and her aunt lived here. She should feel at ease. And she had always been fearless and at ease with everything.

Alex stared at Kate for a long time. Kate lowered her head again. I felt that something was wrong between the two of them.

“Okay, come with us. Ill take you to Carols,” Alex said.

I knew we had passed the test. I urged Kate to get the car.-

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