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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 6

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Fortunately, Kate isnt such a person. She didnt know me before.

She was a good person, and she was loyal to me. Even if I was not special to her, I still wanted to be friends with her.

“Dont worry. Youll get all the guys at the party, and theyll kneel before you,” Kate said with a cheeky smile.

“I think so too.” I grinned.

“You need to dress up. Maybe youll meet your mate there.”

Kate winked at me.

I shook my head.

“I dont think it has to be a mate. Ill be happy to find someone to be with me like you and Alfred. Youre together because you love each other, not because of physical ties.”

“But thats a mate. Who would reject a mate who belongs only to themselves, is completely in love, and never betrays you” Kates eyes widened.

As someone her mate had rejected, I could only say that I didnt believe the so-calleda mate is the Moon Goddess arrangement, nor do I care about love and loyalty. Robert had taught me enough. We couldnt just wait for fate to happen. More importantly, we should write our own story even if our story was already written for us.

That night, I picked one of my most beautiful dresses. It was a blue sling dress.

The color of the dress was misty blue. It was mainly made of gauze and layered. The hem of the dress was a retro A-line, showing the fluffy texture and accentuating the waistline. The dress was sprinkled with white beads, like stars, creating a dreamlike aesthetic effect.

Its thin dark blue shoulder straps perfectly accentuated my smooth back curves, and it was wrapped around my chest like a lotus leaf yarn. The lower waist was made of French straps with the same dark blue sling that outlined the curves of my body.

I also wore a pair of sparkly stilettos, and the thin straps were wrapped around my ankles, reflecting the sparkle of a small diamond. I chose a star-studded hairpin to match my dress, nicely tucked in the hair strands around my forehead.

I looked at myself in the mirror, pleased with Kates exclamation.

“Oh my god, Cecily, you look different!”

I smiled at her. Kate was also dressed beautifully today. Her outfit brought out her blonde hair. She was as dazzling as she usually was. However, Kates strength wasnt her beauty but her strong social skills. She could chat with anyone, and even if it was a little awkward, she could handle that. Moreover, she was never stingy with her compliments. She would make everyone feel happy, and everyone wanted to be friends with her. She was always the center of attention, without a doubt.

“I mean, youre usually very confident and beautiful, but now youre especially beautiful and attractive. If I were a man, Id probably fall for you instantly.”

We left the house confidently, and the party was at Kates boyfriend, Alfreds house.

Before we got out of the car, I saw Alfred waiting outside. Kate jumped out of the car impatiently. I saw the two of them kissing at the door as if no one was there. They kissed for about fifteen minutes. I had to stop them by clearing my throat.

Oh my god, they seemed to be close. This made me very envious.

“Ah, Im sorry, Cecily. We havent seen each other for so long.”

Kate got down from Alfred and tidied her hair. She held Alfreds hand and smiled at me.

“I understand.” I blinked.

“Hello, Cecily. Youre gorgeous today.”

Alfred extended his hand to me, and I shook it.

“Do you think its appropriate to praise a girl like this in front of me” Kate pretended to be angry.

“Youll always be the most beautiful,” Alfred said and kissed Kate again.

“Well, are they all here”

“Theyre almost here, but I heard that the Lycans from the royal family might be here tonight.”

“The Lycans” Kate exclaimed. “They dont usually hang out with ordinary werewolves like us. They are coming to my party. Oh my god!”

“Well, it isnt confirmed.” Alfred shook his head and said, “Lets go in.”

Alfred walked in front while Kate and I walked behind him. Kate whispered in my ear, “If the Lycans are coming, this is your chance. Think about it. If you have a Lycan man as your partner, youll be the center of attention.”

“You know how slight the possibility is, Kate.”

“Even if youre not destined to be his mate, you can use your charm to make him choose you as his mate. Didnt you say this morning that you think Alfred and I are great like this”

I didnt comment.

“Think about it carefully. Its the Lycans. Their status is much higher than Roberts,” Kate muttered. “If I didnt already have Alfred, I would have been tempted.”-

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