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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 61

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Kate and I moved our luggage upstairs. Aunt Carols home was warm, with a wooden interior and lovely cloth decorations, just as comforting as Aunt Carol herself.

Kate and I chose the two rooms next to each other. So I packed my things briefly and went to see Kate. But as soon as I opened the door, the door of the room next door was also opened from the inside.

Kate and I looked at each other simultaneously and showed the same surprised expression.

This was a little funny.

I knew that there was something in our hearts that we wanted to talk to each other about. So, with a smile, With a smile, I turned to Kate, “Come to my room.”

Kate and I sat on the small sofa in the living room.

“Whats going on with you and that Alpha”

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“What exactly are you planning to do with that Lycan prince”

Kate and I asked each other at the same time.

“Alright, Ill go now,” I said. “I only want to teach Michael a lesson. I want him to stop thinking Im a she-wolf that he can manipulate and listens to every word and command he gives me. Also, I need a space to think about my relationship with him.”

I stared at the carpet in front of me, then said, “Everything between us is moving too fast, and its all under his control. Its hard for me to tell how I feel about him. When I left, it was clear that I didnt like being watched over by him, but I had a different idea along the way. “Now that you feel the mate connection, you should know that the feelings between mates are not as natural as people say.”

Kate tilted her head and looked at me, carefully observing my expression. Finally, she shook her head, “Cecily, I think you should return to the Lycan prince. Im not saying this for fear of getting into trouble or anything. Ill always be on your side.”

“But look at yourself. When you came out, you told me you couldnt stand his control and wanted to run away. Please reading on NewN0vel(0rg)” What I saw was not the truth. Youve been missing him all this time. “Youve already fallen in love with him. Theres no conflict between couples. You just need to face it, not run away.”

Kates voice was very gentle. I looked at her in a daze and said, “But how can I be sure if I love him and cant leave him, or if it is the mate connection that made me feel like I love him”

“Isnt that the same thing” Kate looked at me in confusion.

I opened my mouth and felt I couldnt explain this, but I thought they werent the same thing.

“Forget it, let me think about it. Maybe youre right.” I scratched my hair and said, “But I can guarantee I will never let Michael hurt you.”

“Youre really stupid, Cecily.” Kate sighed. “I almost regret bringing you out here. You didnt reject him. Instead, you accepted him bit by bit. Isnt that enough to explain the problem”

“What about you” I asked. “Do you want to reject this packs Alpha or accept him”

I shifted my confused expression from my face to Kates.

“What if I say I dont want to reject him, but Im not ready to accept him” Kate asked.

“Now you understand how I feel,” I said.

“But were different.” Kate hesitated for a moment before saying, “Didnt you want to know what happened between Alfred and me I can tell you now.”

I looked at her, not understanding why the topic had suddenly shifted to Alfred.

“Last weekend, Alfred and I went to the beach for a vacation. We had a lot of fun and even took a photo you saw on social media.”

Kate said, “Later, I was sunbathing on the recliner while Alfred surfed in the sea. I saw a girl beside him who was very close to him. At that time, many people were hanging out on the beach. We were all young people, so I didnt really care.”

When I heard this, I had a feeling that something was going to happen.

Kate continued, “That night, Alfred and I went back to the hotel to rest. I had prepared some lingerie to enjoy the weekend with Alfred, but Alfred found an excuse to go out.

“The next morning, I smelled another she-wolf on him, and I looked at his phone while he was taking a shower. The top of his chat history was with an unfamiliar avatar. It was all very intimate words.”

I held Kates hand tightly.

Kate gave me a sarcastic smile and said, “I asked him who this woman was. Do you know what he told me”

“He said that he met his mate. He had never felt so connected. But please believe him. They were just friends. When he went to see her last night, he only wanted to communicate with her. He didnt betray me.”-

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