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“How could he do this” I retorted.

“You think that way too, right” Kate sighed and said, “Ive been with him for so long and had times that I thought were sweet, but he said he had a connection with someone he just met. I really couldnt accept this. So I asked him to delete the girls contact information and never contact her again.”

I understood what Kate was doing. No girl could accept her lover having such a special relationship with another woman.

“But Alfred insisted that they were just friends. He thought I was making a big deal out of it and didnt trust him. We had a big fight. I said I would give him a week, or we should break up.”

Kate curled up on the sofa with her hands on her knees. She looked a little pitiful.

I reached out to pat her back. I knew that words were useless at times like this. All Kate needed was someone to listen to her and accompany her.

“Weve known each other for a long time. I thought I knew him well enough, but the mate connection destroyed everything we had built so easily. Its as if our past was fake. Are our feelings so insignificant” Kate pondered.

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I sighed, unable to answer Kates question.

Ordinary people might think it was good that we werewolves and had the Moon Goddess arrange a mate for us.

Mate represented fidelity and commitment of a lifetime.

But mates also had a special bond that was hard to break away from. In Kate and my case, our mates only brought us more trouble.

If we didnt have this fate, would our lives become much easier

“Since you gave him the right to choose, why did you leave school” I asked.

“I didnt dare to face that result.” Kate raised her head to look at me and said softly.

“You already know it, dont you”

I stared at Kates eyes. Her eyes started to turn slightly red.

“I know. When I started questioning Alfred, and he refused to delete the girls contact information, we couldnt go back to what we were before. But I just couldnt accept it.”

Kate looked at me and said, “I meet Alex again now. I remember him. When I came to my aunts house as a child, I always saw him. But back then, we werent adults yet.

“When I saw Alex again this time, I kind of understood how Alfred felt. Do you know how hard I tried not to jump on him just now”

Kate rubbed her nose in embarrassment.

I thought about how I felt every time I saw Michael. Indeed, the mate connection had the power to make you forget your rationale. It was as if only the most primitive desire existed in your body, and you didnt act yourself.

Thinking of Michael, I felt my heart begin to throb again. What was Michael doing now Was he still busy with his work, or was he furious with his subordinates because of my departure

When I returned to my senses, I noticed that Kate was looking at me strangely. So I quickly focused my attention on Kates problem.

“So, what do you plan to do now”

“No matter what answer Alfred gives me, I dont think I can start a new relationship so soon. “Id better avoid Alex these days and avoid meeting him as much as possible,” Kate said slowly.

I shook my head and said, “You cant predict the movements of an Alpha. If you meet him on the road, hell find out youre his mate.”

“What if we stay in this house all the time” Kate asked.

“I dont think its safe,” I said. “Why dont you think about what you will do if he finds out, or just tell him the truth and tell him your concerns He might understand you.”

“Dont forget why you ran away. What if Alex wanted to lock me up here like your prince” Kate rolled her eyes. “Its not that I want to say bad things about your prince, but what he did was a little too extreme.”

I choked and stared at Kate, unable to speak.

I wanted to defend Michael, but what I had done didnt seem to give me the right to defend him.

“As long as Alex doesnt find out Im his mate, then it wont be a problem when we get back to school,” Kate muttered.

Suddenly, she looked at me excitedly and said, “When we first met Alex today, he didnt find out either. This is because your powder worked. Do you still have that powder”

I had thought of using this method as well, but I didnt have that much of that powder.

I didnt know how powerful Michaels detection ability was. I originally wanted to use it on myself these few days and hide for a while longer, but looking at Kates expression, I furrowed my brows in embarrassment.

“Please, Cecily, help me,” Kate pleaded.

“Have you really thought about hiding your identity as his mate from him” I asked.

Kate nodded.-

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