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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 64

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After breakfast, I volunteered to clear the table.

Aunt Carol had something to do in the morning, so she left after breakfast. Before she left, she told us we could do whatever we wanted in the pack.

After washing the dishes, I walked around the first floor but couldnt find Kate. I went up to the second floor in confusion and saw that Kates door was closed. I knocked on the door and heard Kates response. I pushed the door open and walked in.

Kate returned to the way she was when I first saw her in the morning. She was fiddling with a Rubiks Cube in her hand. But her face was tense, and no emotions could be seen.

I quietly walked to her side and knew something must have happened in the morning.

“Do you want to talk to me” I said softly.

“I turned on my phone this morning,” Kate said with her head lowered.

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“What did you see” I asked.

“Alfred chose his mate. He posted a photo with that girl on social media.” Kates fingers tightened around the Rubiks Cube. I saw that her fingertips had turned pale from the force. I grabbed her hand, wanting to give her some strength.

“I said I would give him a week, but he was with that girl the next day.” Kate looked up at me with a pale face. “I was like a clown,” she said. “I even sent him a message asking him to give me an explanation, but he blocked all my accounts.”

I hugged Kate tenderly. I didnt understand why my friends and I had to endure this all the time.

It was a great irony.

My mate had abandoned me, so I was filled with distrust of all mate relationships. So I envied the relationship Kate and Alfred had, which had nothing to do with fate but to be together because of love.

However, Kates lover had abandoned her because he had met his mate as if all feelings were nothing in the face of a mate connection.

What was there to believe in, and what was certain

I thought it had nothing to do with how you fell in love.

The only thing that mattered was whether you met the right person.

“It doesnt matter.” I patted Kate on the back and said, “A person like him isnt worth your time. You can have something better. Look, youve met your mate, Alex.”

“Hes the Alpha of this pack. Alfred is nothing. Look at me. Without Robert, would there be a better Michael Dont you see how the people at school are looking at me with envy”

I tried to make Kate laugh, “Think of how youll bring Alex to school in the future. You can even bring him before Alfred and smack him in public. I see that Alex is so strong and has a good impression of you. As long as you tell him that you are his mate, he will be willing to stand up for you.”

Kate sniffled and shook her head.

“Do you still have any concerns now” I asked, puzzled.

I remembered that Kate was envious of others having a mate before. Now that there were no obstacles, why was she still hesitating

Kate bit her lip and said, “When I first found out about this in the morning, I ran into the woods alone and cried. Then, I met Alex. I couldnt help but tell him about Alfred. I almost told him that I was his mate.”

“But you didnt do that. Why”

Kate stared into my eyes. Her eyes now looked teary and filled with all kinds of emotions.

“I was about to say it, but I felt very scared then.” Kates voice was trembling.

“Kate, what are you afraid of”

Kate was silent for a while. Then, her gaze fell to the floor as she said, “I know Robert rejected you, and then you experienced such great pain, but you are strong, independent, smart, and charming.

“You can walk out of it, be brave, and live a better life, but I dont have half of that. Alex is a strong and capable Alpha warrior who manages the pack alone. His subordinates trust him and love him.

“If… Alex rejects me, I dont know how I can have the courage to continue living.”

I listened to Kate in surprise.

Kate had always been the person I envied and wanted to be, and she said she thought I was better than her She had always been beautiful, decent, confident, a social butterfly.

Could it be Kate who was doubting herself now

I began to hate Robert even more.

What he had done to me not only deeply hurt me but also hurt the trust of other girls in their relationships.

I also realized that I had been sending Kate negative messages about mate connections. I felt guilty for this. I might have experienced some bad things, but there were many stories of mates being happy together. Even Michael, although I complained about his tyranny, I knew that he treated me sincerely.

“Kate, look me in the eyes,” I said softly.-

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