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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 65

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I had a feeling that I was on to something, and I had a feeling that Kate would obey me.

I didnt know why I had this feeling, but I knew I could control it.

Kates eyes moved slowly from the floor, and I smiled at her. “Kate,” I said. “You are the kindest, most selfless, most attractive girl I have ever met in the world. You have your unique talent and are always the most dazzling one in the crowd. You have no idea how much I envy you. You think I am brave, but I was only forced to look it.”

I paused. “Why did I come here” I continued, “It was because I couldnt cope with my situation, so I chose to escape. Even though I knew it was just an ostrich act and that Michael would find me here, I had to face it. But you helped me selflessly, and you and Aunt Carol took me in regardless of personal gains and losses, risking the wrath of the Lycan prince. Every time I think about it, I feel sorry for you.”

Kate looked at me and shook her head slowly.

I pressed a finger against her lips, stopping her from saying anything.

I said, “If a werewolf wants to reject you, it must be because he doesnt have good taste. They will regret their actions. They are all stupid and unworthy people. Dont be sad because of them. Kate, believe in yourself. You deserve a mate who treats you sincerely. Not everyone is like that b*stard Robert.”

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Kate finally smiled. I looked at her and smiled.

“Trust me. No werewolf can reject you, and Alex wont either.”

Kate pulled me into a big hug. She hugged me tightly, and I didnt know what to do. I only heard her say in my ear, “Thank you. Thank you, Cecily.”

I saw that Kate was feeling better and suggested we go have some fun.

Although Aunt Carol said we could go anywhere in the pack, we both decided to stay in the house when Kate and I found a big bag of snacks and Blu-Ray discs in the closet.

We sat on the couch watching TV, filled the coffee table with potato chips and popcorn snacks, and scooped each from a big tub of ice cream. Please reading on NewN0vel(0rg)” We forgot all about men, sang karaoke in the room, and drank cold cider and orange juice.

The pleasure might be short-lived, but it was real.

When Aunt Carol came home, the living room was a mess, and two crazy girls in suspenders and shorts sprawled across the couch.

Aunt Carol had brought us dinner from a chain burger joint. Kate and I loved their cheesesteak burger and French fries.

“Girls, what have you been doing all day”

Aunt Carol sat down next to us. She didnt blame us for messing up the house. Instead, she opened a burger just like we did and acted like she was our age.

“Nothing.” Kate reluctantly pushed a place to eat from the coffee table. Some of the packagings fell to the ground, but no one cared.

“How about you How was your day” Kate asked while eating the hamburger.

“Just the same.” Aunt Carol tucked her hair behind her ear to prevent the sauce from getting on the hamburger. “When I went out, there were some people still talking about it. Theyve been here all their lives and have never seen the outside world.”

Kate and I exchanged a look.

Most women in the Ancient Woods Pack relied on their husbands to provide for them. They didnt have their means of livelihood. In their eyes, a womans role was to clean up the house and reproduce. They even thought women would be ridiculed if they worked.

Even Aunt Carol gave up some of her previous jobs and only took some odd jobs as pocket money. Even so, she was constantly criticized by others.

“Speaking of which,” Aunt Carol suddenly turned her gaze to me and said. “Since you ran away like this, do you want to tell your parents If you leave without saying goodbye, your parents will be worried.”

I stopped chewing, and my heart began to throb.

Damn it! My parents would be worried about me too. Why didnt I think of that when I left

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that my decision to run away was foolish. Not to mention, I would always think of Michaels brown eyes with a hint of mischief and his warm, charming scent. But now, there was no turning back. I could only stay here until I figured out what to do next.

“Cecily will talk to them, wont you, Cecily” Kate tried to smooth things over.

Aunt Carol gave Kate a meaningful look. “Im not the kind of senior who likes to lecture people,” she said. “I dont want to interfere with how you young people do things. But, girls, I hope you think about the consequences before you do anything and if youre ready to take the consequences.”-

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