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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 66

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Over the next few days, Kate and I had a wild time at the Ancient Woods Pack.

I had never felt so free. We avoided anything that would make us unhappy, and Aunt Carol left us alone. We ate and drank, went for walks in the woods, and waded by the creek.

It was a few degrees cooler at the Ancient Woods Pack than our pack because of the dense vegetation. However, it was close to our latitude, which was a much more comfortable temperature for werewolves.

I lay with Kate on the grass in Aunt Carols backyard, and Kate told me that she had used up all the powder I had given her last night and that Kate had stayed in the house today to avoid being discovered by Alpha Alex to avoid being found out by him.

To be honest, I was a little worried about her.

Neither of us had spoken about our mate relationships in the past few days. But I remembered that Kate had expressed her expectations for her mate relationship before attending Roberts ceremony to succeed the Alpha.

I thought we had made things clear that night, and I was leaning toward Kate accepting Alex. But these days, it didnt look like Kate needed time to clear her head. Instead, it was more like she had made a decision that pushed her to stay away from the Alpha.

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No werewolf would not value his or her mate, especially in a traditional pack like the Ancient Woods Pack. They placed much emphasis on the she-wolfs submission to her mate. Being gentle and virtuous were the most important things in many peoples eyes.

If Kate chose to keep their relationship a secret when Alpha Alex found out about it, he would fly into a rage and blame Kate.

I didnt want Kate and her mate to enter an awkward relationship like Michael and me. Neither of them would be happy. I hoped that Kates relationship would have a better start.

“Hey, have you thought about how to deal with the matter between you and Alex” I turned around to ask Kate.

“Im not going to tell him,” Kate said seriously.

“Is this the decision you came up with in these few days” I propped myself up from the grass and carefully observed Kates expression. “Alex is a good person. Weve all heard about him in the pack these few days. He has never had any bad scandals. Hes thegolden child everyone in the pack is looking forward to becoming. Finding him is like finding the other half of your soul. Are you still doubting yourself”

“Its not like that.” Kate let out a long sigh. Then, she looked at me and said, “I cant tell him about this now because this is the Ancient Woods Pack. Their attitude toward mate connection is too traditional.”

I looked at her in confusion.

Wouldnt the Ancient Woods Packs emphasis on mate connections give Kate a better sense of security Furthermore, Alex was the Alpha. So as long as they were together, Kate would become Luna of the Ancient Woods Pack.

There was no reason for people to dismiss a Luna so easily. Kate could be completely at ease living with Alex forever.

“Youve thought about it, right” Kate asked. “Alex is an Alpha, and hes the right age for marriage. If I tell him about this, what will happen He will mark me and announce that I will be the packs Luna. By then, do you think I will be able to leave this place”

“If you become his mate, you dont necessarily have to stay here. Besides, our pack isnt too far from the Ancient Woods Pack. So you can meet at any time,” I said.

“Thats because you dont know the Ancient Woods Pack functions yet.” Kate sighed and said, “Ive seen too many people who have married here. They rarely leave the Ancient Woods Pack. The elders in the clan dont allow them to do so either.”

I recalled what Aunt Carol had said at dinner two days ago. She was such an outstanding and kind woman who had married here for so many years, but there were still people who would judge her behind her back for working.

I realized that Kate was right. The people of the Ancient Woods Pack didnt think women were intelligent or worth working. They preferred to keep women at home. If Kate confessed to Alpha Alex, it would be like her giving up her college education.

Kate continued, “There are very few women like my aunt in the pack. But you dont know how much Aunt Carol has already sacrificed. She would have achieved more in her career. I dont want to be like her. I cant stand being trapped in one place. Besides, it wasnt easy for me to get into university. I dont want to give up so easily.”

I looked at Kate in surprise. I had never known that Kate had such a strong belief in her studies. I thought that she had spent all her energy on partying.

“So youre just going to give up on him”

I thought Alex was a good choice for Kate.

Kate shrugged and acted like she didnt care. “Lets talk about it after I graduate. If that happens, I might consider living here.”

I took Kates hand, looked into her eyes, and said seriously, “Have you made up your mind You know, Alex is an Alpha, and if the pack needs a Luna, he could mark another she-wolf. And then youll lose him forever.”-

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