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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 67

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I saw Kates expression stiffen, but she said stubbornly, “Then its up to the Moon Goddesss arrangement.”

I suspected that Kate still had psychological problems with the mate connection because of me, but I had said enough. The only thing I could do now was to give her support and encouragement.

“Kate, no matter your choice, I will stand on your side.” I held her hand and said, “But after you meet your mate, your body will be different. I can personally feel it. It wouldnt be a problem if you dont know the other persons existence. But you know that, yet you choose to stay away. This is against our nature.”

I shared the experiences I had with Robert and Michael with Kate.

“You and your wolf will want to be close to each other. You will desire to make physical contact with each other. This desire will not weaken as the distance between you grows. Instead, it will grow stronger,” I said

“You saw the state I was in when I came. If its serious, it will cause harm to your body. Moreover, you will find everyone else dulls after making contact with your mate.”

I recalled the scene where a boy tried to strike up a conversation with me. Even if Mia did not stop me then, I knew I did not dislike him. However, I did not feel the uncontrollable desire I had for my mate.

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“Kate, have you thought it through Do you want to live your university life like this”

I wanted Kate to avoid everything that I had experienced before.

Kate hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Ill reconsider.”

I dreamed of a pair of brown eyes. The owner of the eyes had a gentle and mischievous smile at the beginning. He touched my body and had a delicious scent, and I could not help but want to be close to him.

However, I felt a rope around my neck. He stood behind me, and the rope tightened little by little. I felt myself suffocating.

I desperately looked up to give myself a little room to live, to beg for his forgiveness.

But that pair of brown eyes had already turned golden, casting a shadow upon my face.

He didnt look at me at all. I could only see his angular chin, with a lofty arrogance and indifference.


I woke up from my dream and subconsciously touched my neck. It was still as smooth as before, without a trace of scars. But the feeling was too real.

It took me a while to come back to my senses. Finally, I reached for my phone at the head of the bed to check the time. It wasnt even six oclock.

I hesitated between going back to bed and getting out of bed. Instead, I chose to go to the bathroom.

I was still a little scared of the dream and didnt want to stay in bed for a while.

As I brushed my teeth, I looked in the mirror at the pale girl with the white foam in her mouth. It was the fifth day since I had arrived at the Ancient Woods Pack, and I hadnt seen Michael for six days, including the day I left.

Michael had appeared in my dreams every day for the past two days. At first, “Please reading onNewN0vel0rg he had been gentle and considerate, but soon he would transform into a beast and torture me or try to kill me.

I spat out the foam and gave a wry smile to the mirror.

I had been stuffing myself with food and drink these days, but I hadnt gained any weight.

I realized that I had made a mistake by running away and that the person I loved now was Michael. Even after what he had done to me in my dreams, I would still miss him and our moments together.

I planned to talk to Kate about going back today, and I would accept whatever punishment Michael was going to give me for that. But, if we ever had a problem again, I wouldnt deal with it the same way.

Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps outside the door, unlike Aunt Carols or Kates. It felt strange, so I went to open the door only to find a strange man standing in the hallway.

He was a big man, wearing only a tank top and shorts, and he had a tattoo on his muscular thigh that extended to his calf, and the pattern looked like some totem.

We looked at each other in shock. I smelled Alpha Alex on him. I resisted the urge to scream because he didnt look like an intruder.

He broke the silence faster than I did. “Are you the girl who came with Kate”

I nodded. “Im Cecily.”

“David.” The man didnt move. He had a terrifying aura. I did not doubt that he would be an outstanding warrior.

Now, he stared at me with burning eyes and frowned at me. “You Smell Special. Alex told me what happened that night. Hes sorry for his initial attitude toward you that night.”-

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