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“But he also said that he was suspicious of you that night because you didnt have any werewolf scent. So why did you cover your scent in some way Were you hiding from something”

Now I was even more confused about Davids identity. He had appeared at Aunt Carols house early in the morning but seemed to have a close relationship with the packs Alpha and knew a lot about us.

At that moment, I saw Aunt Carol coming down the stairs. She was still wearing the nightgown we had first seen her in, her hair a little untidy but with a particularly languid naturalness.

David also saw Aunt Carol, and he went up naturally, put his arm around her waist, and exchanged a kiss. They looked like a young couple who had just fallen in love. The air was filled with pink bubbles.

“Oh, the child is still here. Dont be like this, David,” Aunt Carol complained, but I could see that she enjoyed being intimate with David.

I waved my hand to show that I didnt mind.

“Here, let me introduce you. This is my mate David,” Aunt Carol said. “He left the pack for a mission some time ago. He just came back last night. I havent had the chance to introduce you.”

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I saw Davids hand had already slid onto Aunt Carols butt. They had been touching each other since the moment they saw each other.

“If I knew you had guests, I would have come back earlier,” David looked at Aunt Carol lovingly and said.

“Dont worry. The children are very well-behaved.” Aunt Carol patted Davids arm and said, “Ill make breakfast for you, okay What do you want to eat”

“Ive missed your omelet while I was out.”

Aunt Carol giggled. “Ill make it right away.”

“Ill go with you,” David said.

I was about to sneak away when Aunt Carol called my name. “Cecily, why dont you come with us”

I noticed that David was giving me an unkind look and said, “Uh, no. Ill wake Kate up in case she misses breakfast.”

“Okay,” Aunt Carol said.

I watched as Aunt Carol and David disappeared down the stairs. I couldnt wait to knock on Kates door. I didnt care if it would wake Kate up.

When Kate opened the door for me with her sleepy eyes, it was apparent that she was still asleep. She wasnt the type to wake up early.

“Whats up Its so early still.” Kate yawned and fell back onto the bed.

I sat down next to her and tried to shake her awake.

“You never said your aunt had a mate!” I growled in her ear.

I was shocked to see David this morning. In my heart, Aunt Carol had always been a beautiful image that only existed in my dreams. “Please reading onNewN0vel0rg I never thought she would show such girliness when she was in love.

Kates buzzing voice came from under the pillow. “Didnt I say that she married into the Ancient Woods Pack Whats so strange about her having a mate Wait, you mean you saw David”

Kate seemed to wake up immediately. She sat up from the bed and stared at me, wide-eyed.

“Yeah.” I nodded and said, “I just opened the door this morning and saw him. I was so embarrassed.”

“Why did he come back at this time” Kate scratched her hair with a worried expression.

“Why did he come back” I looked at her in confusion.

“After he came back, maybe Alex would come here occasionally. By then, my identity would be difficult to hide,” Kate said.

What did this have to do with Alex I was even more confused.

“David is the Beta in the pack, and his brother is the previous Alpha. So in terms of blood relations, Alex is his nephew,” Kate explained.

“Then, isnt Alex your brother” I asked in surprise.

Kate glared at me and said, “Hes the kind of brother I dont have blood relations with!”

I smiled sheepishly.

Kate continued, “But its not wrong to say hes my brother. When I visited my aunt as a child, I always hung out with him, but we were too young then. We didnt have the consciousness of a man and a woman.”

Kate turned her gaze to me and said hesitantly, “Cecily, I think…”

“Lets go back today. How about it” I said what Kate wanted to say on her behalf.

Kate looked at me in surprise. I smiled. “I wanted to tell you this morning, but I forgot because I was too shocked to see David. Ive already thought about it. I love Michael, and I want to go back and explain everything to him.”

“Thats great.” Kate hugged me. “Im so glad youve thought this through. Youll be happy, Cecily.”

“I just hope he doesnt tear me apart,” I muttered.

“He wont,” Kate said.-

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