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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 69

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The four of us finished our breakfast together.

In fact, Kate and I spent most of it watching Aunt Carol and David display their affection.

I had never seen such a clingy pair of mates, and my parents were very close, but they didnt feed each other an omelet at breakfast, let alone mix it with countless kisses.

They were showing us that they were in love all the time.

Kate was used to this, and if shed been in it all along. I thought I could understand why she was looking forward to her mate relationship so much, and she was too scared to know what I was going through. Unfortunately, she had set the expectations for her mate relationship too high, so she fell even harder.

After dinner, David was busy with other pack tasks, and Aunt Carol had pre-booked guests, so they left.

Kate said she needed to get some sleep first to make up for the lost sleep Id taken from her in the morning and recharge her energy for the afternoon ride home. So I took on the task of packing. I went back to my room and packed our things.

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Just as I wondered how I would fit so much luggage into my suitcase, I heard a knock on the door.

I frowned. I had no idea who would be here at this time.

“Who is it” I shouted at the door.

“Its me, Alpha Alex.” It was a familiar voice, but my heart was on guard.

Why would Alpha knock at the door at this time Did he sense something was wrong with Kate But we were ready to leave, and I had run out of powder. Kates plan to hide her identity couldnt fail at this time.

But I had no reason to shut an Alpha out. So I braced myself and opened the door, determined not to let him have a chance to get close to Kate.

“Cecily.” Alex looked at me, smiled, and wanted to walk in.

But I leaned against the door, using my body to block his path.

I said nervously, “Whats the matter, Alpha Alex”

He gave me a puzzled look but obediently stood outside the door and said, “Theres someone outside the pack claiming hes your friend and wants to meet you. I cant confirm his identity, so I came to ask you.”

My heart started to beat faster. He came, but he still came.

My emotions were a mix of excitement and fear. I couldnt tell which one was stronger. A ticklish feeling spread from the bottom of my feet up to my spine. Mia, who was in my body, obviously heard Alex too. She was wagging her tail excitedly.

“What… What did he say” I heard my voice trembling.

“He said he is your mate.” Alex showed a confused expression. “Do you have anything to explain to me”

“I. . .”

I could tell that Alex was a clear-minded person. He must have realized that I was hiding something. However, no pack would accept or take in someone who left their mate, let alone a traditional pack like the Ancient Woods Pack. So I knew I was in trouble.

Surprisingly, Alex did not treat me harshly. On the contrary, when he saw my troubled expression, he said, “Im sorry.” He softened his tone and said, “Its okay. You can tell me the real reason why you chose to come here with Kate. If that person is lying, or if he did something bad to you that forced you to run away, then our pack will protect everyone who seeks legitimate protection.”

Alex looked at me gently with concern. His sincere gaze made me feel ashamed.

I seemed to have too many stereotypical impressions of the Ancient Woods Pack. They werent just stubborn old fogeys who only knew how to follow the rules. They were kind and warm too.

“No, he didnt do anything to me,” I said quickly. “We just had a minor fallout.”

Alex looked at me carefully for a few seconds before saying, “Alright, since you said that, then Ill bring him over to see you.”

“Wait.” I stopped Alex and asked him, “Can you bring me to see him now”

Alex looked at me in confusion. I didnt explain.

But my heart told me I didnt want to wait any longer.

I wanted to see Michael as soon as possible, smell his scent, and feel his embrace. I believed that he wouldnt do anything to hurt me. Even if he went crazy because of my willfulness this time, I felt I could control him. I had this inexplicable confidence and sureness.-

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