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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 70

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I followed Alex into the forest where we had come from.

I was excited and nervous all the way.

I hadnt seen Michael for a week, and my heart was beating faster with every step I took as I approached him, like a rabbit about to leap out of my chest.

I was already imagining meeting him, his boyish, manly charm, cute curly brown hair, brown eyes, and the sweetest, freshest scent I could imagine.

“Go straight ahead from here. Hes in the clearing,” Alex said, pointing ahead.

I followed the direction in which Alexs finger pointed, and I couldnt help but imagine what Michael would do to me when we met. Would he hug me directly or kiss me in front of everyone and take me back to his place.

Whatever he did to me would be fine.

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I suddenly realized that if Michael went on a rampage, there was a chance that Alpha Alex and the Ancient Woods Pack would be implicated, which I didnt want to happen.

Maybe I should calm him down and leave with him.

I stopped and pleaded with Alex, “Alpha, can I go alone”

Alex looked at me hesitantly and said, “He doesnt look easy. Im worried about your safety.”

“Its okay,” I assured him.

I knew Michael must look terrible now, but he wouldnt do anything to me.

We loved each other, and I had never been more sure of that than at this moment.

Alex looked me in the eye and said, “If you dont mind, can you tell me what happened to you I dont feel comfortable leaving a girl with a strange werewolf.”

I looked at Alex and knew he wasnt trying to pry into my privacy. On the contrary, he was genuinely worried about my safety.

But how should I tell him about this I couldnt tell him Michaels identity as the Lycan prince. He was safe when he didnt know this. “Please reading onNewN0vel0rg Otherwise, just like Aunt Carol said, they would be punished for harboring me.

I hesitated and said, “We had a little misunderstanding before. I secretly ran out in a fit of anger. But now Ive thought it through. We can solve this matter ourselves.”

Alex was surprised at first before he revealed an expression of disapproval. “Since you guys are mates, you should solve any problems through communication. How can you leave just like that”

I lowered my head. I already knew that I handled this matter poorly.

But soon, I thought of another matter. I probed, “Alpha, if you met your mate and she deceived you for some reason, would you forgive her”

Alex frowned, “If she cheated on me,” he said. “I would be angry and sad that she couldnt trust me. As for forgiveness, I dont think there is such a thing between mates. We are one. Would you say forgive or not forgive your arm or your leg”

I didnt expect to hear such a response.

Alex said gently, “You dont have to worry about whether your mate will forgive you. People who become mates will never be separated. However, how do you know that I dont have a mate”

“Ahem.” I realized I might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag. I quickly added, “I only heard that the pack doesnt have a Luna. I think if you find your mate, you will be with her and make her your Luna. Also, Ive asked other people in the pack, and they all said that youre quite pure when it comes to a romantic relationship…”

“You already have a mate. So why do you still care about my love life” Alex looked at me strangely.

I felt that the more I spoke, the worse I sounded. I ended the topic in time and said, “Alright, you can leave me here. Ill go meet him.”

After saying goodbye to Alex, I walked to the space in front of me.

This wasnt my first time here, but my mood was completely different from the last time.

The last time I barged in here with Kate, my heart was filled with nervousness, physical discomfort, and fear of Michael chasing after us. I was also afraid that the Ancient Woods Pack wouldnt accept us.

But this time, I was nervous, too, with a different kind of calm, more of overwhelming joy.

But when I came to the clearing and saw the man coming out from behind the trees, I was completely stunned.

He didnt have the wonderful scent I had been longing for, and his face didnt carry the joy and excitement of a reunion I had been waiting for. Instead, there was an evil, sick light in his eyes.

He still had a muscular body, but the aura that once fascinated me was gone, and he walked up to me with an evil smile.

My eyes widened as I called out his name in disbelief, “Robert!”-

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