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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 72

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All the pain and hatred I felt for Robert was long gone. If anything, there was no feeling.

He was like a bored stranger who couldnt get me to feel anything.

My eyes were glued to his face, which had a twisted smile and eyes filled with malice.

I began to regret insisting that Alex leave because Robert looked like he was going crazy here.

“You look as beautiful as ever, Cecily, my mate.” Roberts voice gave me the creeps. He was like a pervert at the moment.

I noticed that Roberts gaze was fixed on my bare thighs. His hungry eyes made me feel like maggots crawling on my legs. It was disgusting. Once again, I regretted running away from Michael. Michael was the only one who made my heart race. I had foolishly left him.

“Im not your mate anymore. Your mate is Alison. You chose her, and Ive already rejected you.”

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“Dont mention that b*tchs name.”

Robert interrupted me roughly. He suddenly became irritable. His eyes darkened. He took a step toward me and raised his fist.

I thought he was going to hit me. So I carefully observed his movements and decided that if he were going to hit me, I would kick him in the balls.

But Roberts hand stopped in front of my face. He started to smile at me like a pervert again. I felt the omelets I had eaten for breakfast churning in my stomach and rushing up my throat.

“Look at your beautiful lips. I should have tasted them a long time ago.” Robert stretched out two fingers and made a lewd gesture in the air, “Cecily, its such a pity to use your beautiful mouth to talk. I prefer to see it filled with my thing.”

I ignored what he said and leaned back, trying to stay away from his fingers.

For two people who were no longer related, the meaning in his words was enough to be considered sexual harassment.

I asked coldly, “How did you find this place”

“Youre thinking about me too, arent you, Cecily” Robert didnt seem to hear what I said. Instead, he was immersed in his world as he said, “I saw you the day you left school. You didnt look the same as usual, but I knew it was you.”

“I was thinking, why did you sneak out Oh, Cecily must have wanted to leave that stupid, arrogant, and self-righteous Lycan prince. You dont like him, and you cant accept him. So the only person who can have you is me.”

Roberts gaze was fixed on me. I didnt quite believe that Robert recognized me based on my attire that day. I looked at him suspiciously, “You knew I left with Kate that day”

Robert strode over to me. I had to step back again to avoid contact with him.

“Dont move, Cecily. Look at you. The Lycan prince has gone to great lengths for you these days. The entire campus has been stirred up, and everyone is looking for you. But they cant find anything.”

Robert laughed sinisterly.

“Hahahahaha, they dont even have a single clue. That stupid prince. He thinks he has everything under control and is certain that you cant escape and has almost turned the entire campus upside down.”

My heart ached when I heard what Michael had done for me from Robert.

Robert didnt finish his sentence. “Why didnt he think about the people around you That afternoon, I knew that you fought with Alison. How could that stupid b*tch beat you She really overestimated herself.”

As Robert spoke, he spat on the ground.

I felt a chill from the bottom of my heart. I could still remember the way he used to be intimate with Alison. Now, he called her ab*tch. Robert didnt know sincerity.

“That day, you and Kate… your roommate, returned to the dormitory. After that, you disappeared. And coincidentally, Kate disappeared, too. I thought of the beautiful woman I saw on the road in slutty clothes, and it was easy to associate that person with you. You must have used some methods to fool the Lycan prince.”

In the darkness, Robert wore a long black windbreaker. His features, which were considered handsome, became hideous in the light. He was like a demon that had crawled out of hell. He didnt speak human language, and his body was filled with sin.

“When I think of this, everything else becomes much smoother.” Robert hadnt stopped his long speech, but there was already nowhere for me to retreat.

Robert pressed forward and pushed me onto a nearby tree, revealing his sharp teeth, which reflected the pale white light under the moonlight.-

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