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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 74

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“What trick are you playing” Robert stared at me with his yellow eyes. It was the greedy and cunning wolf in his body.

“I want to propose a plan we can all accept.” I tried to soften my voice, “Robert, dont you want to mark me Im in your hands now. I cant do anything. So what do you have to worry about”

I saw that he was wavering. He continued, “Youre so strong, and every she-wolf wants to mate with you. Its my honor to be able to get your favor. Its all because I didnt know how to appreciate favors before. You have used such a fast speed to subdue me just now. Now Ive thought it through. We dont have to fight to the death over such small details, do we”

“Alright, Ill listen to you.” Robert smiled pervertedly and used his lower body to prod me. “Baby, what position do you like Tell me. Ill make you feel how big and hot I am.”

I felt that Roberts ugly and dirtything had already started to get erected and was prodding around my lower abdomen. It was difficult for me to maintain my calm appearance and pretend to be polite to Robert.

“Robert, let go of me first. I dont like this position.”

Robert looked at me from above. His eyes told me that he didnt believe me. He shook his head slowly.

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I felt a wave of despair as I watched Robert lower his head and touch my neck with his teeth.

I had tried everything possible, but now I didnt know how to stop Robert from attacking me.

The closer Robert got, the more I could smell the stench in his mouth.

“No! Dont do this! Im scared!” I pleaded.

I noticed that Robert paused and then moved closer to me.

“Dont bite me!” I shouted.

In my desperation, I blurted out, “Kiss me! I want to kiss you. Please grant me this one wish, Robert”

This time, Robert stopped moving. His sharp teeth were almost at my throat. I could feel them leaving little by little and hanging above my fragile neck.

I was at my wits end when I said this. I stared at Roberts movements. He wanted to press his lips against mine.


I took the opportunity to bite down hard on his lips.

I gathered all the remaining strength in my body to my teeth and tasted the blood in my mouth.

That was right. I was going to bite a piece of flesh off Robert and make him stop trying to get anything from me. If anything, it was only blood and revenge.

Roberts gaze turned from infatuation to madness, and he freed his hands to pinch my cheeks hard, forcing me to open my mouth and release my bite. I fought back frantically. I struggled to break free from him.

“You are a b*tch!” Robert roared at me angrily.

He grabbed my hair, pulled me up from the ground, and slammed me into a large tree on the side.

The heavy rain that had been in the air for a long time finally fell.

The rain came quickly and quickly. The crackling sound was like marbles falling on leaves. Even the lush forest could not withstand the heavy rain. The water flowed like a stream through the gaps in the branches.

I felt my head hit the trees dozens of times before it was released. My vision was blurry. Thanks to my improved physical fitness with Michael, I didnt faint, even though I was dizzy.

I felt my consciousness slip away for a few seconds. My wolf was desperately trying to heal me, and Mia was exhausted.

After Robert used violence on me, he threw me to the ground.

I no longer had the strength to get up. I could only whimper on the ground.

Robert kicked me mercilessly with his shiny leather shoes as though I were some worthless object.

“Cecily, youre shameless!” Robert was still roaring. “I originally wanted to treat you well and bring you back to the pack so that you could be my Luna.”

“Since you dont want that, youre only fit to be my slave from now on. Ill still mark you and lock you in a dark room. Youll never have the chance to escape. Your life will be worse than the lowest Omega from now on. If you want to live, youll have to suck up to me and beg me.”

“You cant do that!”

I knew there was no way I could escape, so I threw away my attempt to compromise.

I lay on my side, drenched in mud and rain.

I sneered at Robert and said, “You cant force a mark on the Lycans mate. He will kill you and even your family. You are committing a crime!”

“Are you threatening me” Roberts eyes widened in anger as he said, “Everything you said is a lie. He cant kill a packs Alpha at will. You are just an insignificant she-wolf and my mate. I didnt do anything wrong.”-

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