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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 75

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I took one last look around me before Robert pounced on me again. I closed my eyes in resignation.

The rumble of thunder and the sound of heavy rain blocked everything out. It was pitch black. No one would come to save me.

Even if Michael had come after me, it would have been over by then. Robert would have taken me to a place I didnt even know existed.

Michael would have had a difficult time finding me. I would be marked and locked up in an unknown corner by Robert, and, as he said, I would live a life worse than death.

Who was to blame for all this

It was all my fault. If I hadnt insisted on going away, Robert would never have had the chance to hurt me or try to mark me. Michael would have protected me, and Mia would have been happier instead of being dragged down by me like this.

Wise men say people dont walk down the same river.

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But why was I so stupid Always falling for the same person, always getting hurt by the same person.

If it was the first time, one could explain it as puppy love, young and naïve. That the scum of the man cheated me

But this time This was completely self-inflicted. I had Michael taking good care of me as a mate, but I still recklessly ran away, allowing Robert to take advantage of me.

Unfortunately, everything led to this.

If I could have crossed the line earlier and accepted Michael earlier, allowing him to mark me, Roberts terrible behavior today would not have caused me any real harm because a werewolf could not accept two marks.

If only I had been more tolerant, patient, and communicative with Michael. If only I were a little less capricious, ludicrous and proud, and a little more receptive to Michael, who cared despite feeling like he was controlling me.

I might still be comfortably sitting in Michaels house, enjoying the services of a butler, rather than lying in a puddle of muddy water, waiting to be violated by someone I loathed.

If I had been more cautious, more thoughtful, and left myself a way out. Instead of getting so excited about the possibility that Michael was coming and asking Alex to go, Robert wouldnt have had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with me.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs.

At the last moment, Michaels face appeared in my mind, and I sincerely apologized in my heart.

‘Michael, Im sorry I failed you.

But the expected pain and humiliation did not come.

I felt a regal presence, and a sharp gust of wind came from a distance.

In an instant, Robert, weighing heavily on me, was lifted, and my limbs were free. I heard the roar of a beast and the sound of its body colliding with mine.

I quickly opened my eyes, and what greeted my eyes was a golden beast.

He was a behemoth and covered with golden fur. Even the rain seemed afraid of His Majesty, so his fur was not wet at all.

Even in the dark forest, one could see his fur faintly glowing with golden light. Even his eyes were golden. It was like the sun or flowing golden lava.

His body was over three meters long and an absolute monster. His sharp claws were currently resting on Robert, tearing off a bloody piece of flesh from Roberts body.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh!”

Roberts shrill scream almost pierced through the layers of gray cumulus clouds in the sky above the forest. Hearing it made my scalp numb, and my hair stood on end.

But the beast was unmoved. Instead, it tore off another piece of flesh from Roberts shoulder blade as if tearing a fragile piece of paper. Roberts screams were incessant. I looked at everything unfolding before me in shock.

The beasts aura was terrifying, but I felt an unexpected familiarity.

Who was he, and why had he appeared and saved me at such a critical time What deep hatred did he have for Robert that he would torture Robert to vent his hatred

One should know that our pack considered Robert an excellent warrior. Faced with such a situation, he wasnt at his mercy. He had no intention of resisting his opponent. However, the disparity in their strength was too great. This was a one-sided beating.

Soon, I saw the golden beast slap Roberts chin, making him unable to make any sound. Roberts face was twisted strangely. His half-open mouth was crooked, and one could only tell from his expression that he was in extreme pain. He couldnt even utter a single syllable.-

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