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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection Chapter 77

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Everyones eyes were on me as I suddenly rushed out. Everyone knew how terrifying a wild beast was when it was in a frenzied state. I had no choice but to do it.

“Come back!” I heard Sasha shouting at the top of her lungs from behind me. “Youre going to die!”

I turned back to look at Sasha. She tried to rush over but was stopped by another man.

To my surprise, as I got closer to Michael, I felt the strength in my body recover. I had been holding on for a moment, but now I could stand on the ground on my strength, not with my legs trembling. Of course, it was true that werewolves mates would give one strength.

I could even feel my facial features becoming sharper. I heard Sasha arguing with that person through the sound of the rain.

“What are you doing Let go of me quickly. Cecily will die! Michael would not recognize anyone in this state. Anyone who dares to appear beside him will be regarded as an enemy. Havent we seen this kind of thing enough before He will only regain his consciousness when his beast is completely unleashed,” Sasha shouted at that person.

“My responsibility is to protect you. I can not watch you die.” It was a strange voice. I had never heard it in Michaels house before.

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“Im only going to pull Cecily back. Let go of me!” Sasha growled.


Hearing this, I couldnt help but smile. I hadnt been with Sasha for a long time. I had even implicated her, but she was so worried about my safety that she even wanted to put herself in danger to save me. How lucky I was to be treated so sincerely.

Since all of this was because of me, then I should be the one to face it.

Once again, I charged at Michael without hesitation. This time, I chose to let Mia take over my body. As I moved forward, I transformed into a werewolf. I was so small between the two beasts that Mias fur reflected a golden glow in Michaels light.

I leaped onto Michaels shoulder. I was like a wolf on Michaels body. Michaels muscles, covered in golden fur, were as hard as a stone. I carefully hooked my claws around his long fur and tried to get my mouth close to his ear.

Michael swung his arms to bash Roberts head in. I dangled from Michaels body. He felt me and let out an angry roar.

Michael stopped moving and turned to look at me.

There was a golden flame in his eyes. I couldnt see anything familiar on his face. He was like a wild beast out of control.

If I had ever thought of Robert as scary, Michael now was wild. He was so full of power and bestiality that I felt he was even more powerful than the wolf species.

He was staring at me with his golden eyes. I knew I was in trouble.

Sashas words were not baseless. Michael looked at me emotionlessly. I felt like a stranger to him.

“Please, dont. Dont kill him, Michael,” I pleaded with Michael, overcoming my fear.

He exuded a terrifying aura. He completely suppressed my spirit. He made me want to surrender, bow my neck and knees before him.

I gulped and began to worry that I would die at Michaels hands today.

Michael grabbed me by the neck with one of his claws. I thought he would kill me or throw me away, but he only touched the back of my neck and left, staring at his claws.

I looked at Michael in confusion.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Robert had already slid weakly down the tree to the ground. Michaels attention was temporarily diverted to me, and he let go of his control over Robert.

“Blood…” Michaels mouth emitted a faint syllable. His voice was still the one I was familiar with.

I looked at his golden claws. There was indeed blood on them, but most of it belonged to Robert, whom he had beaten.

“He was the one who injured you,” Michael roared. He threw me aside and turned around to pick up Robert, who was trying to escape.

Michael didnt push me too hard. I quickly got up from the ground.

I saw Roberts face contort with fear, and blood flowed from the wound on his head.

“Dont! Dont kill me!” Robert desperately shrank back, crying and begging.

“Im going to tear you apart!” Michael stretched his huge claws, as sharp as five sharp knives.

“No, no…” Roberts resistance seemed so weak.

“No, Michael!” I shouted.

I wasnt sure if Michaels beast was still controlling him, but judging from his attitude toward me just now, at least he didnt attack me indiscriminately. So he must have some rationale.-

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